Research in Nursing

This week, you will abide summaries of quantitative and qualitative studies. The purpose of this appointment is to become accustomed with appear research, assay designs, and methodologies. For the assignment, you will select two aboriginal or primary assay studies: one quantitative research abstraction and one qualitative abstraction accompanying to the acreage of nursing. You will address an abstruse of each study.  The called accessories should be aboriginal assay studies.  Review articles, abstraction analysis, meta-analysis, meta-synthesis, commutual review, and systemic analysis should NOT be used. Mixed-methods studies should not be used.  Assignment Instructions: Your abstracts should activate with the APA Style advertence to the assay commodity that is reviewed Your abstracts should be accounting in your own words. (The abstracts aural the studies your accept will not acknowledgment all of the appointment questions.)  Your abstracts should be accurate, brief, clear, amid 150–250 words, and accommodate alone the best capital information.   Use accepted APA Style to architecture your cardboard and to adduce your sources.  You are appropriate to attach both assay studies (the abounding articles) that you use to address your abstracts.The aboriginal assay abstraction accessories may be affected assimilate a Word certificate or adored in a PDF format.  NOTE: Because acquiescence of the aboriginal accessories is allotment of the appointment requirements and is all-important for grading, any appointment submitted after the accompanying accessories will be advised incomplete. An abridged appointment will be initially assigned a zero. The apprentice has the befalling to abide accessories to complete the assignment. Address the afterward questions in anniversary of your abstracts: 1. What blazon of assay is it (quantitative, qualitative)?  2. What was the assay question(s) or hypothesis?  3. What is the sample (population), the sample size, and sample attributes (characteristics)?  4. What is the ambience (facility type, location, and country) of the study?  5. What were the researcher’s after-effects and findings? (Identify one that acutely measures the abased capricious or cold of the research.) 

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