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The cardboard itself should be 2500-3500 words in length, not including the appellation page, notes, or advertence page. You charge complete the cardboard in MS Word. Your cardboard charge be Turabian appearance Bibliography format. The affair class is "Historical Theology" and the TOPIC is: "Controversy Over the Being of Christ"     A. Internet sources are not accustomed in your analysis paper, including Google Books and previews.  Sources alternative than your textbooks should be bookish books or articles.  In all forms, books, collections of essays or account accessories are preferred. One above aberration from the accepted architecture of an article (introduction, anatomy of the paper, conclusion) is that this cardboard charge accommodate a area of appliance to the abreast church. a. Place the appliance afterwards the conclusion. b. Advance how the cessation of your cardboard can be activated to the abreast church, or to the acceptance and convenance of Christians. Do not alone advance an appliance for the individual. The appliance can be moral, doctrinal (affecting the teaching of the church), or activated (affecting the accustomed habits of Christians).  ****I accept included the Addition and Thesis account beneath for your autograph guide:                                                   Introduction  The Being of Christ has been a debating affair throughout history. There are variances against the accepted Christological altercation over the being of Christ. This would be addressed, by presenting the challenges apropos the being and assignment of Christ, from the aboriginal centuries of Christianity. Showing how these aboriginal controversies, active the altruism of Jesus and the accord to his divinity. Defending the actuality of the divinity of Christ as One being who is absolutely God. And proving the abutment of two natures in one being by the attributes activated through scriptural basis. Thus, seeing the being of Christ through his afterlife and awakening as the one who forgives our sins and gives us abiding life.

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