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 You charge abide a 2000-2500-word article (use the word-count action in your chat processor) including footnotes, appellation page, and bibliography, on a biblical, theological, or admiral affair called by you and accustomed by the professor. The cardboard charge be aboriginal and not one that you accept accounting on before, based on above-mentioned work, or one you are currently autograph for addition course. A. Your affair will be accustomed alone aloft acquiescence of a apriorism account via the appointment acquiescence link. See the Apriorism Account appointment instructions. B. Your cardboard charge accommodate a appellation page, table of contents, footnotes (not in-text or endnotes), and a bibliography. You charge use eight (8) sources or added in the paper, including at atomic three books and three account articles. Note that you may NOT use any internet or web-based sources for this assignment. You may adduce them as essays or account articles.      Your apriorism is ONE book adage what you are activity to seek to prove in your research.  Since this is a apostolic analysis class, it needs to accurately be apostolic in your approach.  Perhaps article like this: "The Bible prescribes adapted practices and attitudes for allowance victims of physically, mentally, and emotionally calumniating relationships. " Think of it this way...what is the one book that describes what you are activity to prove in your research?  Remember, it needs to be apostolic in this class. That's why I recommended introducing the Bible into your apriorism statement. Otherwise, the cardboard can become a attitude or counseling cardboard instead of actuality abnormally theological.  You charge to re-work all of your sources because they are not apostolic or apostolic in nature. You are absolutely acceptable to accommodate their research; however, you charge to the minimum cardinal of apostolic analysis as your base for analysis in this class. Please re-submit your aesthetic apriorism and apostolic sources by Wednesday, 24 July, and I will re-grade it with no backward penalty

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