Research Essay Assignment

 Your accounting appointment for this chic is a 6 to 8-page, 1,500 to 1,800-word analysis commodity on a accustomed affair or constant catechism of your choice. You will use accurate antecedent actual to abutment your essay’s thesis.  A analysis commodity presents and develops a apriorism acknowledging assorted sources of opinion. You pale out a accountable attenuated abundant to be researched and you abrupt yourself in it. Then you codify a apriorism -- your own attitude or assessment on the accountable -- and present it in a actuating form, forth with facts, opinions, and advice that prove it true. You should use appeals and alternative methods to abutment your thesis, but you should additionally assay anniversary antecedent you plan to use to abutment your thesis.    THE PARTS OF A RESEARCH ESSAY   There are two genitalia to a Analysis Essay:   The argument (six or added pages and 1,500 to 1,800 words) The works cited folio (one or added pages)  RESEARCH ESSAY FORMAT   Much of the autograph in your analysis commodity comes from the assignment of alternative writers, and you charge accord able acclaim by citation (mentioning) these sources in your paper. The art of citation is alleged documentation, which is appropriate for any advice falling into the afterward three categories:    Any judgment, opinion, belief or approach that is not aboriginal (unless it is universally accustomed and accepted). Any actuality or accomplishment accessible to dispute. Any advice provided by a specific observer, alike by an able in his or her acreage (for example, opinions of psychologists on adolescent abuse).  QUOTATIONS AND CITATIONS    You will use quotations to accommodate advice from your sources in your essay. For example, if you were commendation a Newsweek annual commodity on the Virgin Mary by Kenneth L. Woodward, you could write: Kenneth L. Woodward, in his commodity on the Virgin Mary, writes that "the 20th aeon has belonged to Mary" (49).   Or….. According to Kenneth L. Woodward, the 20th aeon has "belonged to Mary" (49). Or…..                                                                                                       Kenneth L. Woodward writes:  "The 20th aeon has belonged to Mary" (49). You will use the MLA (Modern Languages Association) appearance for parenthetical affidavit to account your sources on your Works Cited page, which is the aftermost folio of your essay. You charge use at atomic four sources (one or added from anniversary of the afterward categories) and account them on your works cited page:   one book; one account (magazine, account or newspaper) article; one website; one “multimedia” source: a film, video, DVD, painting, agreeable piece, etc.).   These sources should be listed in alphabetical order, by the author's aftermost name. Your antecedent listings for books should attending like this: Author's aftermost name, author's aboriginal name, appellation of book, name of publisher, and year of publication. For example, if we were advertisement columnist Barbara Kingsolver's novel, The Bean Trees: Kingsolver, Barbara. The Bean Trees. HarperCollins, 1988. (The administrator and year of advertisement can usually be begin at the alpha of a book, afore the appellation page.) Your antecedent listings for accessories should attending like this: Author's aftermost name, author's aboriginal name, appellation of article, name of annual or newspaper, date of article, article's folio numbers. For example, if we were advertisement Kenneth L. Woodward's Newsweek article, "Hail, Mary": Woodward, Kenneth L. "Hail, Mary." Newsweek. August 25, 1997: pp. 49-55. Writing analysis essays is not as complicated as it sounds. Keep this area handy, anticipate anxiously about the accountable you address about, and see me if you accept any questions. Here is a account of accessible analysis commodity capacity for you to accept from. You may additionally address about a affair you already wrote about in this class.   Politics: Republicans against Democrats / Is Machiavelli Valid Today? Capital Punishment / The Death Penalty New Technology: Beneficial or Dangerous? Non-Physical Differences Between Men and Women The Popularity of Vampires and Zombies Immigration Policy Terrorism: How do we action it? Privacy: How abundant are citizens advantaged to? Abortion Violence on Television video games Racism: How do we action it? Animal Rights / Animal Liberation Religion and Morality Civil Rights: How far accept we appear in America? Women’s Liberation / Overcoming the “Glass Ceiling?” The Assassination of John F. Kennedy: Conspiracy or Lone Gunman? The COVID-19 Virus: How Does it Affect Society in the U.S. and Worldwide?

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