Research Critiques and PICOT Statement Final Draft

   Prepare this appointment as a 1,550-word cardboard from the antecedent advance assignments (TOPIC 1: QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH & TOPIC 2: QUALITATIVE RESEARCH) and the guidelines below. PICOT Question: How abundant do you anticipate bloom behaviors like diet, exercise, biological markers and smoker actuate whether or not a being will advance aerial claret pressure?  P: Targeted citizenry of adults will amid 20 to 75 years I: Affairs alteration including bistro convalescent foods and involving in concrete exercise C: Compare individual’s acquiescence to acceptable lifestyle, and medications to ascendancy aerial claret burden and the furnishings of diet on hypertension O: Claret burden adjustment to abate alternative accident factors associated with hypertension; bigger bloom advance and wellness T: The abstraction continuance will booty up to six months Research Critiques In the Topic 1 and Topic 2 assignments, you completed a qualitative and quantitative assay appraisal on two accessories for anniversary blazon of abstraction (4 accessories total). Use these assignments to agree the analytical assay of anniversary abstraction by authoritative adapted revisions. The addition should acquaint the paper. The addition would additionally accommodate your apriorism statement. The completed assay should affix to your articular convenance botheration of absorption that is the base for your PICOT question. Refer to "Research Critiques and PICOT Guidelines - Final Draft." Questions beneath anniversary branch should be addressed as a anecdotal in the anatomy of a academic paper. Proposed Evidence-Based Convenance Change Discuss the articulation amid the PICOT question, the assay articles, and the nursing convenance botheration you identified. Accommodate accordant capacity and acknowledging account and use that advice to adduce evidence-based convenance changes. NOTES: Remember to use beneath accessories to accomplishment this assignment.  (A). the convenance botheration (Hypertension) and two qualitative, peer-reviewed assay accessories listed beneath to complete this assignment. 1). Min Jung Kim, & Nam Hee Park. (2018). Assay of Spatial Distribution of Hypertension Prevalence and its Related Factors Based on the Social Determinants of Health. Journal of Korean Academy of Community Bloom Nursing/Jiyeog Sahoe Ganho Hakoeji, 29(4), 414-428. Retrieved from 2). Ashoorkhani, M. Majdzadeh, R., Gholami, J., Eftekhar, H., & Bozorgi, A. (2018). Understanding Non-Adherence to Treatment in Hypertension: A Qualitative Study. International Journal of Community Based Nursing & Midwifery, 6(4), 314. Retrieved from (B). the convenance botheration (Hypertension) and two quantitative, peer-reviewed assay accessories listed beneath to complete this assignment. 1). Langford, A.T., Solid, C. A., Gann, L. C., Rabinowitz, E. P., Williams, S. K., & Seixas, A. A. (2018). Beliefs about the causes of hypertension and associated with pro-health behaviors. Bloom Psychology, 37 (12), 1092-1101. Retrieved from 2). Junmin Zhou, Wang, H., Rajaram, S. S., Britigan, D. H., 7 Su, D. (2019). Changes in Leisure Time Concrete Activity Preferences and Hypertension Risk. American Journal of Bloom Behavior, 43(1), 145-157. Retrieved from      This is a acceptable start, but needs to absorb the apparatus you listed beneath into one adamant question/statement

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