Research Assignment and Discussion

1.Research Assignment - IT Aegis Action Framework Research Assignment An IT aegis action framework is the foundation of an organization's advice aegis program.  The framework consists of a library of documents.  A action framework is abundant added tan "just" a accumulating of documents.  Organizations use these abstracts to body processes, actuate adequate technologies, and lay the foundation for enforcement. Respond In a minimum of 1000 words, address an APA formatted cardboard acclamation the afterward questions: 1. What are some of the  best practices for IT Aegis action framework creation? 2. Which advice systems aegis factors should you accede back creating your IT aegis action framework? 2.Discussion Post  An Advice Technology (IT) aegis action framework is the foundation of an organization's Advice Aegis program. Discuss your acquaintance with IT Aegis Policies and how accept they impacted the alignment you assignment for. 500-700 words

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