Research Assessment Assignment

Overview of Research Assessment AssignmentFor this assignment, you will be assuming that you are a training administrator in a hospital.  As the supervisor, you accept to brainwash your agents on a healthcare affair that needs to be explained.  Examples: Confidentiality, OSHA, Handwashing Techniques. To brainwash your staff, you will be giving a PowerPoint presentation.Guidelines:Select a healthcare topic.Students will pretend that they are captivation a academy educating hospital agents on the affair selected.   Construct a PowerPoint presentation for the training academy on the affair selected.Presentation charge be a minimum of 10 slides (not including Addition slide, Reference slide, etc.)The arbiter and at atomic 3 alternative references charge to be acclimated in the presentation.Presentation charge be absorbing and informative. Content cannot aloof be affected and pasted from references Slides should accommodate some visuals. Be creative. However, ensure it is a able presentation. The “notes” area of anniversary accelerate additionally needs to be completed. In this area (for anniversary slide), address out in complete sentences what you would say for anniversary accelerate if you were absolutely presenting it. For example, for the addition slide, you should address out an addition on your name, your role in the organization, your topic, and why you are presenting on it. Deadlines1)   Week 3: Submit your topic. I (Professor) will analysis the affair and let you apperceive if it accept or if it needs to be revised.2)   Week 9: Submit completed PowerPoint presentation3)   Week 10: Upload PowerPoint presentation to Week 10’s Discussion Board 

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