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Writing Action 3: Rough Draft Due Week 7 and account 110 credibility Instructions: You accept already developed your Working Apriorism Statement, Outline, and Starting Draft. You’ve additionally accustomed accessible acknowledgment from your instructor. Now it’s time to actualize your Rough Abstract by continuing to abode your article in the certificate you created in weeks 4 and 5. You will use the questions beneath to adviser your work.  You’ll additionally absorb the acknowledgment you accustomed from your instructor. It’s agitative to see how far your article has already appear in aloof a few abbreviate weeks! Section 1 Rough Draft Introduction Paragraph(s) Did you use acknowledgment from your assistant to amend your addition  paragraph? Body Paragraphs Abode 2-5 paragraphs for anniversary of your acknowledging points. Use the afterward questions to ensure you are autograph affection anatomy paragraphs.  Does anniversary branch accommodate a affair sentence?  Are you including acknowledging advice in anniversary branch to accomplish your point clear, logical, and compelling?  Are you actuality persuasive? Logic: Do you actuate your admirers that your position is analytic and reasonable? Do you accommodate facts and sources to aback up your claims? Credibility: Do you actuate your admirers that you are aboveboard and accurate by application the adapted point of view, voice, tone, examples, and aboveboard sources? Are your credibility ethical and honest? Emotion: Do you abode to the affections of your admirers by framing your position as a botheration they can chronicle to or with which they can sympathize? Counter Perspective(s) It is important to abode adverse perspective(s) in your essay. Use the afterward belief and baddest one to three adverse perspectives to advice strengthen your position:  Is there affirmation to abutment the adverse perspective? Does the affirmation accommodate fallacies (flaws in reasoning)? If so, analyze and explain. Does the adverse angle leave out an important point? If so, you should point this out. Is there added contempo or aboveboard affirmation to abutment your perspective? Conclusion Paragraph(s) Do you digest or recapitulate your apriorism in a new way? Do you abridge your capital points? Do you accompaniment any approaching analysis possibilities, if applicable? Do you leave a abiding impression? How will you get your admirers to abide cerebration about your affair and/or booty action? Editing and References Did you run your Word certificate through Grammarly and fix the errors? Did you chase SWS guidelines?  Cover page, folio numbers, double-spaced, 1” margins, i    i  indented paragraphs, and 12-point Times New Roman font  In-Text Citations Do you accept 4-6 aboveboard sources?  Have you acclimated SWS in-text citations to certificate your sources? (Author’s aftermost name, cardinal advertence the adjustment in which you acclimated the antecedent in the paper.) For example, the aboriginal antecedent in your cardboard would attending like this: (Wielding, 1). Do you accept a Antecedent List?  Did you cardinal your sources?  Did you account the sources in the adjustment in which you use them in the paper?  Accommodate above anecdotic advice for anniversary reference. Apply a constant and SWS-style breeze of information. (Author's aboriginal and aftermost name, Title of the source, date it was published, animadversion on area you begin it, and folio numbers). For example: Natalie Goldberg.  2016. Autograph Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within. p. 100-126.  ISBN-13: 978-1590307946  Section 2 Feedback Reflection Account the acknowledgment you accustomed from your adviser on your Autograph Action 2: Working Apriorism Statement, Outline & Starting Draft. Explain how you acclimated the acknowledgment to advance your draft. Describe how this acknowledgment will advice you with approaching writing.  RUBRIC  Grading for this action will be based on the afterward rubric:       POINTS: 110    WRITING ACTIVITY 3: ROUGH DRAFT   Criteria No Credit 0% Partial Credit 50% Full Credit 100%   1. Introduction  Pargraph(s)  /Thesis Statment Weight: 15% The apprentice did not abide addition paragraph(s) or a   thesis statement. The apprentice submitted partially completed addition   paragraph(s) and/or a apriorism account or revisions were not fabricated per   feedback recieved in appointment 2. The apprentice submitted addition paragraph(s) and a apriorism   statement.    2. Anatomy Pargraphs  Weight: 35% The apprentice did not abide anatomy paragraphs. The apprentice submitted partially completed anatomy paragraphs. The apprentice submitted anatomy paragraphs.   3. Adverse Perspective(s) Weight: 10% The apprentice did not abode adverse perspective(s). The apprentice partially addressed adverse perspective(s). The apprentice addressed adverse perspective(s).    4. Cessation Paragraph(s) Weight: 10% The apprentice did not abide cessation paragraph(s). The apprentice submitted partially completed cessation   paragraph(s). The apprentice submitted cessation paragraph(s).   5. In-Text Citations, and Advertence   Weight: 10% The apprentice did not accommodate sources, intext citations, or a antecedent   list. The apprentice partially included sources, in-text citations,   and/or a antecedent list. The apprentice included 4-6 sources, in-text citations, and a antecedent   list.   6. Grammar, Mechanics, Punctuation, and  Formatting Weight: 5% The apprentice has abounding grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and   formatting errors. The apprentice has some grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and   formatting errors.  The apprentice has no or few grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and   formatting errors.   7. Feedback Reflection Weight: 15% The apprentice did not abide a acknowledgment reflection.  The apprentice lists the acknowledgment and partially explains how the   feedback was acclimated to advance the draft. The apprentice partially describes how   they will use the acknowledgment i   ASSIGNMENT 3

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