research and do a annotated Bibliography

First, to complete the advocacy report, you charge to conduct some added all-embracing analysis about the affair (causes, prevalence, statistics, liability/costs) AND methods to address/remedy/prevent the issue. In adjustment to locate added analysis about the affair and how to abode it, conduct a Boolean chase via the Monroe College Library cyberbanking databases to locate at atomic 4 bookish or barter account accessories (should be completed for Assignment 1 in Week 4) AND 3 Internet sources that altercate the affair and methods to abode the issue. For all of the sources it will charge to be formatted differently, to fit the belief for an APA formatted Annotated Bibliography. Finally, adapt an annotated bibliography in APA format, so that the adviser can appraise your sources for the advocacy report. The Annotated Bibliography should accommodate a arbitrary of the analysis found, in your own words, the complete APA formatted Reference listing, the in-text commendation for the source, and a book or two advertence area you ability be application the advice aural your report. (specific section). 1- Bang on the files in the Week 4 Content to admission your address notes. 2- Conduct a Boolean chase via the Monroe College Library cyberbanking databases AND the Internet to locate your abstracts for the report. (there should be a absolute of 7 sources) 3- Appearance this video on how to apprehend a bookish account article. 4- After you accept amid and apprehend your abstracts for the advocacy abode you are accessible to actualize an annotated bibliography in APA format. (click on the accompanying files to appearance a sample annotated bibliography and a allocation rubric). 5- Appearance the videos for advice on autograph the annotated bibliography. 6- Appearance the tutorial for the APA commendation architect website, THEN appointment the website to actualize the citations for the annotated bibliography.

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