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You will accept an alignment on which to backpack out an assay of the accepted alignment and administration practices and analyze problems and/or opportunities. You will advance the adapted recommendations, strategies, and accomplishing plan.  You will actualize a accounting able analysis, which includes recommendations. Your address should accommodate the afterward sections: 1. Compay Information - What does the aggregation do? - Where is it located? - What is the aggregation history? - Determine the antagonism in the industry. Who is the industry leader? What is the admeasurement of the absolute industry? - Call the accumulated culture. 2. Staffing - Find advice for those gluttonous employment. What is the application process? - What are the minimum job requirements? - What is the compensation? - What are the benefits? - Are there currently any job openings with this company? Call one. - Have there been any application issues? Lawsuits, animal harassment, acknowledging action, application discrimination 3. Strategic Planning  - What is the company's mission statement? - Perform a SWOT analysis - Research examples of three strategies (growth/retrenchment) acclimated by the aggregation in its accomplished and call the situation 4. Organizational Structure  - Research the company's alignment chart. If you cannot locate the official chart, assemble one to be included with the address (the top advisers are listed inn the anniversary report) 5. Personal Viewpoint - Discuss how you anticipate this aggregation is operating in agreement of its alignment and management. - Discuss the accepted alignment and administration practices. Analyze abeyant problems and/or opportunities adverse the company, and advance some recommendations, strategies, and accomplishing plan. - State whether you would assignment for this aggregation and why. MUST BE AT LEAST 4 PAGES, SINGLE-SPACED, WITH MLA FORMAT. SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST 4-7 SOURCES/REFERENCES.

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