Research Cardboard Guidelines Please apprehend carefully. Your appointment is to analyze the acknowledged issues in one of the scenarios, assay those issues, and accomplish recommendations for acclamation those issues. This will absolutely admonition you apprentice to abode and accurately certificate a assay paper. And, if you feel you already are an able researcher and writer, it will enhance your adeptness to accomplish research. General Instructions 1. Technical  The completed assay cardboard should be typed in MS Chat only, Arial or Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced architecture with footnotes and bibliographic references, not beneath than 8 pages nor beyond 12 pages in length. It will accept a minimum chat calculation of 1750 words. This folio affirmation does not accommodate an abstruse or bibliography page. Always assay for grammar, spelling, and able commendation afore appointment your work. It is accepted that the apprentice will allot a abounding accord of action adjoin bearing a affection artefact aces of the aerial bookish standards accustomed at Saint Leo University. This assay cardboard is account 27 believability and will represent 27% of the final advance grade.  This is not a claimed assessment paper; all of it charge be backed up by your research. Your cardboard should adduce those sources you are relying on to codify the pros and cons as able-bodied as your final recommendations. Your cardboard should accommodate a minimum of bristles advertence sources. These references can be bristles cases or bristles account accessories or a aggregate of cases and articles. As discussed in the syllabus, Saint Leo University uses Turnitin to validate the boldness of a student’s work. Turnitin is chip into the Assay Cardboard Dropbox and your cardboard will be assigned an originally score. Any affirmation with an boldness account of greater than 15% will be accountable to an automated account of 0, as able-bodied as potentially subjecting to the apprentice to barometer to the Bookish Standards Committee for an bookish candor review. 2.Format Your cardboard is to be structured as follows for anniversary abstracted actuality bearings you are researching. In your paper, put anniversary of the sub-headings listed beneath in bold, so that it is bright to the clairvoyant that you are afterward the binding format: Summary of Facts – This is a arbitrary of the facts which are accordant to the affair you are researching. You may add some facts but alone if they are all-important to your research. Issues Presented – What acknowledged issues are created by the facts with which you are presented? The Sheriff usually presents added than one. Arguments Presented by Anniversary Ancillary – How abounding abandon are there? What is the best case for anniversary side? Applicable Law – This is area you call the cases, statutes, regulations, and alternative sources from your assay which are accordant to your issues. If some of the cases abreast in the advance administer to your issues, you may adduce them. However, you charge additionally appearance that you accept conducted absolute assay and call altered cases which are relevant. Recommendation – This is area you admonish the Sheriff as to what decisions should be fabricated apropos the issues at hand. Reasons – In this section, acquaint the Sheriff why you fabricated those recommendations. Remember, the Sheriff wants the acknowledged base for your recommendations, NOT your claimed opinions. Core Ethics – In this section, call the Saint Leo bulk ethics which are active in the arguments presented by anniversary ancillary and in your recommendations. Bibliography – This should accommodate non-legal references only. Acknowledged case citations should be in footnotes in the anatomy of your paper; chase APA guidelines for citations. Address anniversary actuality bearings in your called book alone and abode your advising announcement to the Sheriff, appliance anniversary of the sub-headings above. Again go on to the abutting actuality bearings and echo the format. The binding architecture is advised to abetment you with absorption on all of the issues while acclamation them as abstracted issues. Some may be easier to abode than others. 3. Grading Standards Identification of Issues and Accordant Facts: ____/5 points Organization (follows format): ____/5 points Sources and Authorities (case law, statutes, bookish account articles): ____/5 points Mechanics and Writing Process (spelling, grammar, able citation, accuracy of thought/writing): ____/5 points Analysis (depth of assay of the issues researched): ____/5 points Core Value Integration: ____/2 points 4. Commendation Format The Sherriff wants to apprehend your acknowledged memo, not a agglomeration of argument citations, so put them in footnotes. APA provides for this. This does not beggarly you should not accept a well-researched memo, with abounding citations; rather, it artlessly agency you should put your citations in footnotes. Background You are the Special Assistant to the Saint Leo Arch of Police (or, Saint Leo County Sheriff, as you prefer). As such, you are a actual trusted and dependable aide. The arch relies on you for your acceptable judgment, experience, and analytic abilities. The Chief/Sheriff is adequately new to the Saint Leo Police Administration (SLPD/SLCSO). There are abounding problems in the department, not all of which are the accountability of this chief. However, the Chief/Sheriff wants to abode some of the added acute problems and boldness them, after action if possible. The Department’s General Admonition is complex in advancing action and is not accessible to accommodate guidance, and alfresco admonition is big-ticket and abortive at this point. The Chief/Sheriff knows you are not an attorney, but you do accept a Master’s bulk in Bent Justice Administration from Saint Leo University. The Chief/Sheriff knows that this admired academy has accomplished you able-bodied for this task. Therefore, the Chief/Sheriff needs your assay of the facts and the accordant law on the problems presented. The assorted problems adjoin the Chief/Sheriff can be begin at the end of this document. Research Cardboard Problem Scenarios Scenario #5: The Saint Leo Police Administration has a K-9 assemblage which is primarily acclimated in biologic searches. Last week, the assemblage acquired a chase accreditation for a accessibility abundance in town. An adviser had accustomed the administration admonition that actionable biologic purchases were demography abode in the store. The administration has never acclimated this adviser afore and his believability and believability accept not been tested. The adviser has awaiting bent accuse adjoin him and the administrator of the assemblage told the adviser that if his admonition angry out to be reliable, the administrator would accomplish a absolute advocacy to the prosecutor administration the informant’s case. The administrator of the assemblage able an affirmation in abutment of the chase accreditation appliance application the informant’s statements. When it was presented to the court, the adjudicator was at lunch, so the agent active the warrant. Armed with the warrant, the K-9 assemblage proceeded to the accessibility store. The buyer of the store, Mr. Wrong, accustomed the admiral and the K-9 dog called “Happy” to access the abundance after objection. Happy led the admiral to a accumulator allowance and again to a allurement aperture that was buried beneath a rug. Abounding pounds of marijuana and several ounces of cocaine were apparent beneath the building. After the admiral anchored the affirmation and were loading up their vehicles, Happy ran over to the aperture of what appeared to be a clandestine abode amid aural 10 anxiety of the accessibility abundance and gave a arresting advertence actionable drugs at that location. The administrator agape on the aperture and was greeted by an individual, Mr. Right, who angry and ran to the aback of the residence. The administrator pursued him. Once in the house, the administrator saw a calibration and what appeared to be a ample bulk of cocaine and several baby artificial baggies on the active allowance table. The administrator arrested Mr. Right and answerable him with control with absorbed to administer cocaine. The buyer of the accessibility store, Mr. Wrong, has filed a motion to abolish the affirmation taken from the apartment based on a abnormal chase warrant. The Sheriff wants your admonition apropos that claim. Mr. Right’s civilian advocate has threatened a Area 1983 accusation adjoin the supervisor, the Sheriff, and the administration because his client’s built-in rights were violated. The Sheriff wants to apperceive what claims Mr. Right ability accept adjoin her, the administrator of the K- 9 unit, and the department. Do they all accept liability? The Sheriff would additionally like you to appraise those claims and accomplish recommendations to her. Mr. Right’s bent advocate has filed a motion to abolish all affirmation taken from the abode based on an actionable search. He says that a dog’s detect of a clandestine abode is a abuse of the Fourth Amendment. The Sheriff wants your admonition on this claim.

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