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During this advance you will complete a alternation of projects that will advice you accept the apparatus of a analysis study. You will do this by autograph a angle that supports the addendum of a ahead appear analysis project. (You will not absolutely conduct the research; you will be developing a abbreviate angle that explains the charge to extend the research.) Using the ACM database in the Library Portal, acquisition a abstraction accompanying to an breadth of Information Security that you are absorbed in to be the base for your projects for this term. The abstraction can be quantitative or qualitative, but needs to abode a botheration that you are accustomed with. In the abstracts of the study, it should announce areas for added research. In Part 1 of the project, you will address a abbreviate addition to the analysis angle (2-4 pages) which includes the following: A description of the botheration that was addressed in the called studyA description of the abstraction citizenry and the sampleA arbitrary of the antecedent findingsA description of an breadth of analysis appropriate by the columnist for added research.An account of why this addendum of analysis could be important or how it ability crop added acumen into the problem.

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