Representation of Future in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World

In the novel, Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, Huxley presents a approaching area absolute acquiescence is an aspect of society. Anniversary and every aborigine of this Apple State is conditioned a diplomacy that is bent at bearing in adjustment to accept a "perfect" civilization. Anniversary actuality is conditioned to ample a assertive cycle and to not catechism why they are accomplishing it, aloof artlessly do it. However, aloof like every alternative absolute association that is made, there are assertive individuals that are not accommodated with actuality like everybody else, who are unique, original. And, aural anniversary of these characters, their aberration in personality does not fit the course of this society, which is why they use block in adjustment to fit in, to feel acquiescence aural themselves. Huxley uses characters such as Bernard, Linda, and Lenina to actualization that no acculturation is absolute and that there will consistently be a likelihood of bodies rebelling from such a society. Each and every animal actuality created in this association was created in a factory. Not by two absolute animal beings, authoritative it so abundant easier to achieve anniversary actuality feel accommodated to what they accept become. Since they were all fabricated the aforementioned way and aloft the aforementioned way, cipher would be able to catechism the actuality as to why everybody was so similar. Anniversary adolescent was conditioned the aforementioned way. The administrator states, “Offer them the flowers and the books again.’ The nurses obeyed; but at the access of the roses, at the bald afterimage of those gaily-coloured images of bobcat and blow and baa-baa atramentous sheep, the breed shrank abroad in horror; the aggregate of their bawl aback increased" (page 30). By adopting the accouchement in factories, and not by absolute parents, there’s no accident of these accouchement growing up and rebelling because they were all accomplished in the aforementioned way, to not like the aforementioned things. And, anniversary of these accouchement are adjourned to altered groups, area they are declared to fit in, area they are declared to feel as if they fit in. And, it is awful absurd that addition will not fit in because these groups were called carefully. Furthermore, aback it comes to times of anguish and despair, Bernard, Linda, and Lenina anniversary accord up a allotment of their own individuality in adjustment to accept to stick to the conventions of the Apple State society, which appropriately adds to their attempt to acquisition a way to fit in. Focusing on Bernard, his concrete actualization is one of the best accessible affidavit as to why he doesn’t fit in, what sets him afar from actuality an Alpha. “Bernard’s anatomy was hardly bigger than the boilerplate Gamma.” And forth with his concrete appearance, Bernard additionally has the adequacy to anticipate abnormally than best citizens in this Apple State can anytime alike accomplish. When Bernard goes on his date with Lenina, he goes as far as to achieve a animadversion on the sea, "It makes me feel as though…" he hesitated, analytic for words with which to accurate himself, "as admitting I were added me, if you see what I mean. Added on my own, not so absolutely a allotment of article else. Not aloof a corpuscle in the amusing body. Doesn't it achieve you feel like that, Lenina” (page 90)? However, admitting his altered concrete and personality traits, he doesn’t exercise his differences that would claiming the Apple State. For example, he strives to appetite to be like Helmholtz, “wishing . . . that he could accept as abounding girls as Helmholtz did,” instead of all-embracing himself for who he is; Bernard consistently avalanche into acquiescence and tries to chase an adjustment than is not accordant with whom he is. Instead of exploring and analytic the apple about him, he takes block as his anatomy of abolishment to try to break his problems of applicable into society. By ambience abreast his claimed traits, he becomes addition conformist to the conventions of Apple State. Similarly, Lenina possesses brainy characteristics that do not fit into the Apple State. Lenina tends to be in a accord with alone one guy, rather than activity out with abounding guys as conditioned by the Apple State. Once John comes to appointment the Apple State, Lenina anon avalanche in adulation with him and can not stop cerebration about him, announcement animal affections that citizens should not accept in the Apple State. Her animal affections are credible during the black aback she waits for John to appear out for the Arch-Community Songster: “. . . she sat in a corner, cut off from those who amidst her by an affect which they did not allotment . . . ” (173). From her personality, Lenina is fit for a adulation that involves affect and connection, but Lenina decides to accept by her association and chooses to accept a adulation surrounding by dark sex and no feelings. Through this decision, she conforms to the norm, actively accidental to the altitude of her association adverse of her accurate self. She goes added to booty block afterwards John does not actualization up for Bernard’s presentation, which, agnate to Bernard’s block fix, alone prolongs her problem: “But in the intervals I still like him. I shall consistently like him” (188). Through her acceptance of soma, she follows the methods of the Apple State, throwing abroad her individuality and causing herself added ache and battle with her adulation affairs. Finally, Linda has altered characteristics due to her activity spent in the Savage Reservation and giving bearing to her son John. Linda, admitting actuality conditioned to be abashed at the abstraction of accepting a baby, still loves her son John. This is credible aback John talks about his adolescence adventures with Bernard, anecdotic the time Linda was assault up John: “He opened his eyes afresh and saw that she was attractive at him. He approved to smile at her. Aback she put her accoutrements annular him and kisses him afresh and again” (127). Since Linda has an affecting adapter to John, she has a personality altered from the alternative citizens of the Apple State Society. However, admitting the affectionate affiliation that she could accept connected with John, she chooses to advertise her activity to the biologic soma. Aback Lenina lays dying in the hospital with John abutting to her, she aback chooses her activity of sex and block she acclimated to accept over John: “She knew him for John, her son, but absurd him an burglar into that paradisal Malpais area she had been spending her soma-holiday with Pope” (205). In the actual end, Linda suppresses her affecting adulation for John with block and goes aback to the attempt and pleasantries of the Apple State Society. Bernard, Lenina, and Linda all accept altered characteristics that set them afar from the approved citizens of the Apple State Society. In conclusion, all three characters accept aback collapsed into the conformities of the state’s abnormal rules, finer allotment to accept to the state’s ethics that acutely do not fit their own characteristics. The Apple State’s guidelines and regulations cull all the citizens of the Apple State, including Bernard, Lenina, and Linda, who are allegedly different, into one diplomacy of active through a domino aftereffect of conformity: the added bodies that are conform, the harder it is to abide the appetite to accommodate with them. Aldous Huxley’s Brave New Apple shows the adverse furnishings of conformity.

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