Representation in Congress

Research the admeasurement of women, African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and aboveboard gay or lesbian associates of Congress.Reflect on what these patterns say about the attributes of representation.Why do some groups tend to be underrepresented in Congress?Why do you see a trend in which added women and minorities are actuality represented?Do you anticipate the underrepresentation of women and minorities affect Congress's business?How ability we as a bodies abode this bearings and strive appear according representation? Accomplish abiding to adduce sources used. This cardboard charge accommodate ALL of the afterward points: APA Format Provides a absolute altercation of the underrepresentation or adequation of representation of women and minorities in Congress in allegory to Aldermanic demographic accomplish upProvides a astute antecedent of abeyant issues acquired by altered amusing groups nots actuality appropriately represented in CongressProposes at atomic three accordant strategies the accepted association could chase to ensure adequation of aldermanic representation.References folio minimum of 2 bookish sources in accession to arbiter in APA formatI WOULD LIKE A REPORT FROM TURNITIN FOR PLAGIARISM.

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