Reports and Report Analysis

  Using the Microsoft Activity book that you adapted for Assignment 9, book a Project Overview Address and baddest 3 added Microsoft Activity letters to accommodate admired advice on your project. You accept started tracking the assignment on your activity and you accept adapted your Microsoft Activity agenda several times. It is now time to accommodate advice aback to the activity stakeholders. You charge to assay the letters that are accessible in Microsoft Activity and, in accession to the Project Overview report, baddest three letters that you feel would be advantageous for your activity stakeholders. Save anniversary of the four letters as a .pdf. For anniversary of the four letters that you upload, acknowledgment the afterward questions: What does the address acquaint the recipient? And what does it say about YOUR project? Is that an authentic absorption of the updates you activated in Unit 9 and area you are two weeks into the activity and afterwards the hurricane? Who would be the adapted recipient(s) for this report? How generally would you acclaim that this address be prepared? What is the account of this report? Would you acclaim any changes to this address to accomplish it added useful? Make abiding that, back answering the questions, you analyze which address you are apropos to. You can actualize one certificate to acknowledgment the questions for all four letters or you can actualize a abstracted certificate for anniversary report. Once you accept adored the four letters for your activity and answered the questions for anniversary report, upload the letters and your analysis.

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