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Question 1 (25 Points): Apple Inc. is an American bunch technology association headquartered in California, that develops and sells software applications, electronics, and online services.Visit the website: to acquisition added advice about it and acknowledgment the afterward questions: (a) Do you anticipate advice on the website is able-bodied organized? Why or why not? You charge to abutment your acknowledgment with evidence/screenshot(s).(b) If you were told that the website was to be rebuilt by a able team, what change would you like to see the most?(c) What functions do you appetite to see on the website but not there yet? Question 2 (20 points) Based on the accepted website ( and what you abstruse from assignment 7 and 8, advance a high-level adapt for this website. Use any application/online apparatus to apparatus your design. Use colors and altered symbology to accomplish the architecture clear and analyze the website content/layers. The architecture should accommodate a fable to assembly the acceptation of the blueprint’s symbology/different colors.  Question 3 (20 points) Create a wireframe for the website home folio based on your adapt and the accepted website ( The wireframe charge to be a average allegiance wireframe. Use any application/online apparatus to apparatus your design. Question 4 (35 points) Create a account analysis plan for this website. You charge to chase the architecture presented in affiliate 11 of Brown’s book which is absorbed as a pdf book in assignment 9 & 10 (Figure 11.1, 11.4, and 11.5).

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