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  Socrates, like alternative acclaimed philosophers, acquainted that a body or accurate accord is deficient (Vernon, 2010).  He encouraged bodies to accept their errors and faults in their behavior as able-bodied as the failures of their characters (Vernon, 2010).  If I were to breach this bottomward into my own thoughts I would artlessly say that we are all human. We are able of loving, disliking, trusting, believing, and cerebration for ourselves.  There is no one who is perfect, or lives a absolute life, no amount how glamourous it looks on amusing media. Abounding of us accept accustomed best of our behavior and ethics from our culture, or the bodies who aloft us.  This is what appealing abundant drives us on a circadian basis. Even still, accomplishment is not there. We accomplish mistakes, and disagree at times with others who may or may not allotment the aforementioned values. Now that I am an developed I accept abstruse that back it comes to my own behavior my parents were not consistently right.  I am not adage that there is annihilation amiss with the way I was raised, but I accept added abandon to apprentice and analyze on my own. Aloof like the abutting human, I accept flaws that I can accept to. I can accept that I accept overreacted at times and accept absolute some situations out of proportion. For bodies who do not apperceive my character, this may drive them away.  My accurate accompany apperceive me able-bodied and can cope with my flaws, aloof like I can do with theirs. Nietzsche acquainted that accurate friendships accept the adeptness to aftermost best back you accept the adeptness to be yourself, and be honest (Vernon, 2010).  I accede with this. I am not adage that my accompany are answerable to accord with this, but they apperceive my heart, and they accept that there is no absolute friendship.  I accept heard bodies say that annihilation is assertive life. I am not adage that I accede or disagree with this, but I do apperceive that situations can change aural the blink of an eye.  Socrates didn’t seek accompany to be chummy, but he absolutely encouraged bodies to seek our their faults (Vernon, 2010). Actuality able to own-up to your appearance failures will advice you cope and accord with these faults.  I feel that owning your errors in your appearance will acquiesce you to see abounding activity situations with an open-heart. Ethically speaking, you still accept to appearance account for your accompany as able-bodied as be compassionate in adjustment to get through the boxy times.  This advance has accomplished me that it is accept to accept a baby accumulation of baddest friends. I cannot say that I accept lots of body friendships, but now I accept why. A wholesome accord is added than aloof “liking” someone’s post. It is added than aloof actuality there for the acceptable times.  Back I am activity through article boxy in activity I apperceive who I can depend on, and this is a accord that is ashore in virtue.   Vernon, M. (2010). The Meaning of Friendship. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan. 

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