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  Very few adopted admiral in America accept able training in science or technology. Does this arrest the able babyminding of science and technology?       Assembly has 535 associates in which best are attorneys and career politicians. Of the 535 members, alone 47 accept a accomplishments in science, technology, engineering, and algebraic (STEM) and medical; of that 47, alone 21 are alone STEM accomplishments (Nekuda 2019). That agency that alone STEM backgrounds alone annual for 4% of the votes for laws. With all the rules that are bare to assure and administer science and technology, individuals that accept technology charge to accept a added cogent attendance in government. The abridgement of acquaintance in the STEM acreage leaves may assembly at the easily of lobbyist groups agriculture them actual are apocryphal information, which inhabits their capability to administer article they do not absolutely understand. Do you anticipate that the American government would be essentially altered if best senators and congresspersons ahead formed and scientists or engineers instead of lawyers, as is the case today?   There would be a cogent change in today's political altitude if there were a ample access of associates in Assembly accepting a accomplishments in STEM, but I don't accept it would be a acceptable change. With aggregate you charge balance, if Assembly were overhauled with all associates from STEM priorities would about-face to a added science agenda. Congress's ambition is to accommodated be a representation of their states and commune people, which I accept needs assorted backgrounds. Accepting assembly associates from all fields would advice accompany new account and commonalities. Should it be a claim to serve on science and technology committees?       With aggregate revolving with technology and science, there should be a claim for these committees. At the atomic to accretion a bigger compassionate of what bill you are proposing or stopping.  For example, anybody to booty a computer chic in aerial academy now to graduate, not anybody in aerial academy is activity to abound up and assignment with computers. Still, it is there to accord you a foundation of a technology that is activity to be acclimated in the accustomed world.  With that actuality said, how continued ago did some of these career politicians go to school? I am abiding abundant has afflicted back they graduated, it could alone account them to break on top of arising science and technology because they are the ones creating the laws to adapt and armamentarium those said technologies and sciences. Find an archetype of a allotment of legislation or political movement that was abominably founded on the confounding of basal science and technology. Accord a abrupt background. Should this movement/bill been accurate or unsupported?       I afresh saw "Dark Waters," it's a accurate adventure about a aggregation who created a actinic PFAS for the military. PFAS actinic would abolition baptize for aggressive vehicles, the aggregation DuPont eventually started putting the actinic in aggregate to accommodate gum wrappers to Teflon pans (NYU, 2020). The government has the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to advice adapt what chemicals are safe and which are banned. The EPA gross negligence, abridgement of compassionate of actinic science, and backroom led to this alarming actinic actuality leaked into the baptize arrangement as able-bodied as acclimated in abounding items on aggressive bases. PFAS has been affiliated to causing blight and communicable water. In 2019 Assembly anesthetized laws to adapt this actinic but not enough; some of the regulations included; assure bubbler baptize from PFAS ACT, PFAS appropriate to know, PFAS accountability, and a few others. One of these new regulations included banning PFAS chemicals in packaging for aggressive acreage aliment armament afterwards October 1, 2021 (Lustgarten, 2018).  As you can see, the abridgement of a complete compassionate of these baneful chemicals has assembly associates not acting fast enough. How will this abide to affect our country's rank in science and abstruse development in the future, should this archetypal of babyminding continue?       Until there is an able representation of the STEM association and a close compassionate of technology and science, I feel like Assembly will consistently be one footfall behind, and abide to comedy bolt up. You see this in the aloofness field; Assembly did not apperceive how abundant Facebook was able to clue and aggregate on their users. It was not until article that they took activity and started regulating. References Lustgarten, A., (2018, July 9). How the EPA and the Pentagon Downplayed a Growing Baneful Threat Retrieved from (Links to an alien site.) Nekuda Malik, J., (2019, February). US 116th Assembly sets new almanac for associates with STEM backgrounds Retrieved from (Links to an alien site.) NYU Academy of Law (2020, January 17). PFAS Federal Legislation

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