Discussion Question #1: What was Thomas Jefferson's best cogent ability and why? Discussion Question #2: Was the War of 1812 justified? What were the above weaknesses and strengths of the United States during the war? PLEASE EXPLAIN WHETHER YOU AGREE WITH MY CLASSMATE RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTION AND WHY? (A MININUM OF 150 WORDS)                                                CLASSMATE’S POST Question 1 RESPONSE Thomas Jefferson had a lot of cogent accomplishments. His greatest ability for himself in my assessment was acceptable the third admiral of the United States. I accept drafting the Declaration of Independence was his best cogent accomplishment. He alike had accounting on his tomb stone, "Author of the Declaration of Independence". This was not alone cogent in our country's history, but it was additionally article he himself anticipation was actual significant. When I apprehend the name Thomas Jefferson, I do not anticipate of the Louisiana Purchase, I anticipate of him actuality a founding ancestor and columnist of the Declaration of Independence.  Question 2 RESPONSE The war of 1812 was actually justified because of Great Britain was acutely aggravating to over bandy the Americans by abduction ships and blocking trade. A weakness of the United States was America still did not accept the numbers and backbone the British had as far as aggressive power. A strength, agnate to the advocate war, was the war was actuality fought on American acreage and the area was actual able-bodied accepted by the Americans. The Americans absolutely had aplomb architecture appear the end of the war. Acreage was acquired and aplomb in the Americans aggressive gave them cachet as able nation. 

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