When you started your baby business, you managed all business processes on your own. Now, your business is accretion and you accept assassin advisers to help. Would you accede implementing an action ability planning (ERP) system, or would you abide to use applications, such as Microsoft Appointment (e.g., Word, Excel, Access), to administer your business processes? Be abiding to explain the affidavit abaft your choice. PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY YOU AGREE WITH MY CLASSMATE RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS? (A MININUM OF 150 WORDS)                                                      CLASSMATE’S POST I would use Microsoft appointment to administer businesses processes as continued as possible. However, I would accede implementing an ERP arrangement if my business was steadily expanding. ERP systems save a lot of time. Plus, the advisers accomplishing things manually with Microsoft appointment etc, could be accomplishing alternative things. One of the best important things to me is actuality efficient. An ERP band-aid eliminates repetitive processes and reduces the charge to manually access information. The ERP arrangement will additionally accumulate business processes and accomplish it easier and added able for companies to aggregate data, no amount what administration that they assignment in. Stored abstracts is additionally absolutely important so with an ERP system, you would not charge to anguish about abstracts aegis back you accept an action ability planning band-aid in place. The arrangement would advance accuracy, consistency, and aegis of data, all through congenital assets and firewalls. Lastly, affiliation is additionally actual helpful. Instead of accepting abstracts advance beyond all altered databases, affiliation with an ERP arrangement will accept all abstracts and advice in one place. 

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