Discussion Question #1: Explain the altercation surrounding the Fugitive Bondservant Act. What happened as a aftereffect of this legislation? Discussion Question #2: Was accepted ascendancy a fair way of absolute the territorial bullwork affair or an act of aldermanic cowardice? PLEASE EXPLAIN WHETHER YOU AGREE WITH MY CLASSMATE RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTION AND WHY? (A MININUM OF 125 WORDS)                                                                                                                   CLASSMATE’S POST #1: The Fugitive Bondservant Act declared that any delinquent bondservant that was bent would be alternate to their applicable owner, alike if the bondservant was to abscond to any alternative states that was adjoin slavery. Because of this in 1850 the Compromise of 1850 would accord any approaching territories the appropriate of voting for actuality in acceding or adjoin slavery. The states that were already pro bullwork were already grandfathered in. #2: I accept that accepted ascendancy was an act of aldermanic cowardice. Reason being, abrogation the affair of bullwork into the people’s easily was apprenticed to alpha war and grudges amid states and people. Not every being agreed to bullwork and if those bodies did not they were advised as outsiders. It was an alike bigger befalling for bodies to discriminate and canyon acumen on anniversary other. 

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