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Topic -    Now that you accept completed your accommodation matrix, you will altercate your controlling action and how you accept acclimated the matrix. For this discussion, you should NOT cavalcade your cast but rather use it as a apparatus to appraise your business. In your antecedent post, abode the following: Explain how you could use the cast in a altered business/technology scenario. Give an example. What was the best arduous allotment of applying this cast to the final project? What recommendations would you accomplish to change your project, accustomed some of the challenges you faced? Respond to two of your peers’ antecedent posts and accede the following: How does your controlling action analyze to your peers' process? Post 1 -   Okay, so let's aloof say afterwards this anniversary "Decision Matrix" feels like a bad word!  Haha!  I had to apprehend thru and google this abstraction alike admitting I use accommodation matrices all the time.  At Microsoft, we alarm them scorecards.    One way we acclimated them at appointment afresh was chief how to accumulate chump and agent insights during a specific business action (onboarding customer's to the cloud).  While there are abounding means to action acknowledgment to Microsoft, generally in my business breadth this is anesthetized from chump to Microsoft assembly verbally.  It is a active apple and generally advisers would get bent up in allowance the abutting chump and the admired insights barter were giving us were accepting lost.  To action this a v-Team sat bottomward and brainstormed the problem.   First, you accept to be actual absolute in what the business botheration is and again map that to your accepted outcome.  So in our example: Problem statement:  Barter are giving us admired acknowledgment anon to our advisers but advisers do not accept the time nor the abode to abide these insights. Next, the botheration account was burst bottomward into business action and technology issues: "do not accept the time" is a business action issue "place to submit" is a technology issue Our aggregation again breach in two to break the two issues by creating an accepted outcome.  The two outcomes were: Employees should abide all insights by the end of the anniversary and will be accustomed to block off 1 hour on their agenda do complete this business task A technology will either be acclimated if currently existing, or developed, or purchased to accumulate and clue insights thru its life-cycle Finally, the technology v-team (the one I was on) created a cast of abeyant solutions that addressed the apparatus of our problem: Insight intake Insight triage - akin 1 (Regional) Triage Akin 2 (Global) Insight tracking Escalation Development Required for software aggregation = yes/no End-of-life Feedback to submitter, alternative stakeholders Reporting Using those as the life-cycle for the insights action we again created a matrix--those bullets were the cavalcade headers and abeyant software solutions were the row headers.  And we went thru and debated the pros and cons for anniversary circle of cavalcade and row.  Again a accepted arbitrary was accounting up for anniversary abeyant band-aid in the final column.  This action was about identical to the exercise in our final paper.  In the end, it was absitively to use SharePoint Online but again adapt the OOTB (Out of the Box) accoutrement to facilitate some of the capabilities needed to accommodated our end goals.  Happy to say, our action scaled and became an enterprise-wide approach to accession exact chump insights.   The accommodation cast can be activated to annihilation in activity area a circuitous botheration is burst bottomward into its simple apparatus (Columns) is compared to assorted solutions (Rows).  From chief which academy to appear to what advance action you want...the cast is universal.  I can alone adjure to this actuality a best business convenance that I've acclimated it several times in my own job. See........ "decision matrix" isn't such a bad chat afterwards all!  It was arduous to administer this to our final activity because admitting I mostly use the cast to analyze specific technology platforms (SharePoint, Excel, PowerBI, etc), the final seemed to appetite to zoom out and acclimated the appellation "technology" to accredit to above categories of technology (mobile computing, abstracts analytics, etc).  That seemed a bit ample for a accommodation cast as a cast is abundant added ill-fitted to abutment specific business case scenarios.  And best bodies today back they apprehend the appellation "technology" anticipate that refers to a specific appliance or platform, not the broader absolute meaning. My alone advocacy for the final activity is to augment the book to be any business circumstance.  Narrowing this bottomward to a baby brick and mortar, high-end, accouterment banker was acutely attached in abounding ways.  One, this is a dying industry and not applicative to my absolute apple alive activity whatsoever.  I ambition I could accept acclimated this appointment to allocution about my accepted job and how this chic applies.  All of the aforementioned requirements for the cardboard would be applicative but by application my accepted role I am anon applying my acquirements and two, potentially creating article I could appearance at work.  Bodies at Microsoft adulation this affectionate of stuff, drafting solutions, accommodation matrix, etc.  But back our book was so bound in scope, I'm not able to allotment annihilation I abstruse here.   Another affair is the cardboard advice was a bit rough.  I had to download abounding links and 3 rubrics.  It took a lot of account and time to absolutely accept the requirements and in the end, I generally acquainted like I was academic on what was absolutely needed.  I am absolutely accusable of overthinking things but this cardboard was abundantly specific in the book but again almost ambiguous on how to administer the book learnings.  I, after a doubt, accept thoroughly enjoyed this chic accountable though.  Abounding agreement I abstruse in this chic are acclimated in my appointment and I had abounding "aha" moments :-) Post 2 -    I had never fabricated a accommodation cast above-mentioned to this class. The accommodation cast was abundant easier than I thought. At aboriginal I was attractive it up and researching altered examples to alone apprehend that it was abundant simpler than I was authoritative it. I accept that the accommodation cast is acclimated in abounding companies and is actual beneficial. This could be acclimated at any aggregation that has any problems or annihilation to solve. This could be acclimated at retail food like Victoria Secret, or any abundance for that matter. If they capital new means to clue how abundant and what the barter were affairs they could accomplish a accommodation matrix. They would put what they charge to be fabricated as a decision, and what solutions they could use in adjustment to clue what bodies are buying. They could again address the allowances of anniversary band-aid and amount them to attenuated bottomward how they would appetite to go about this.  This could be additionally be acclimated in hospitals to amount out cures for diseases or what treatments they feel are added benign for anniversary specific disease. It is abundant added acknowledged to accomplish decisions based on this cast rather than on gut feelings. It gives all the accessible options to access your decision.  The best arduous allotment of applying this cast to the final activity was chief what to rank anniversary of the factors. It was adamantine to accept what technology would be added benign to the baby business. All the technologies were benign but in altered ways. They all had the ups and downs so it was arduous to define which ones should be ranked where. Alternative than this I anticipate the accommodation cast was appealing accessible and it absolutely helped me to accept my final two technologies that I included in my project. Lastly, the alone advocacy that I would accomplish for this activity is to not accept all the genitalia listed in the aboriginal anniversary explanation but rather aloof accept the credibility that bare to be antiseptic in the aboriginal paper. It was harder for me to focus on alone what I bare to address and not the alternative added being accounting after on. Alternative than this I didn’t face any challenges and I anticipation the activity had a abundant outline and it was burst bottomward into steps. I enjoyed this project. Each Reply charge be at atomic 3 paragraphs long

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