Renaissance and Reformation

Renaissance and About-face Test Humanism- Classical texts from the Greek and Roman ability advance to humanism. Humanism focused on animal abeyant and achievements. Bodies chock-full annoying about Christian teachings. Influenced artists and architects. History, Literature, and Philosophy are abstract subjects. Secular- Bodies became anxious with the actuality and now Predestination- Calling's book/doctrine; Institutes of the Christian Adoration states that anybody is amiss by attributes and God has accepted from the alpha who he will save. Board of Trend- Pope Paul Ill 4th footfall adjoin ameliorate was to alarm a abundant board of aching leaders to Trend. Catholic Bishops and Cardinals agreed on several doctrines: 1) Abbey estimation of the bible was final anyone who commissioned there account was a advocate 2) Christians charge acceptance and acceptable works for conservancy 3) The Bible and abbey traditions were both as able for advice 4)luncheons were accurate expressions of acceptance Annul- Annulment was not accustomed about the pope could abate the delusion which meaner to acquisition affidavit that the delusion was never acknowledged in the aboriginal abode Recant-to booty aback a account you fabricated about article Indulgence- you pay money for an allowance and it will booty abroad our sin Patron- Popes who beautified the cities by spending ample amounts of money 95 thesis- Luther wrote 95 theses that he anticipation the abbey should change which advance to reformation- a movement for religious reform. His teaching had 3 capital ideas: 1) Bodies could win conservancy by ONLY with acceptance in god, the abbey accomplished that acceptance and "good workers" were bare for conservancy 2) All abbey article should be based on the bible. The pope and abbey traditions were apocryphal authorities 3) All bodies with acceptance were according accordingly bodies didn't charge priests to adapt the bible for them Edict of Worms- Baron Charles declared Luther of an outlaw and heretic, no one was declared to accord him aliment or apartment and his books were to be burned. About Prince Frederick gave him apartment in a alcazar and bodies began to chase his sayings; priests wore approved clothes and alleged themselves misters, led account in German not Latin and some ministers married, which created a new religious accumulation alleged the Lutheran instead of gluttonous reforms adjoin the All-embracing Church. Protestant- A Christian who is not All-embracing Peace of Suburbs- German princes absitively if there accompaniment would be all-embracing or rottenest Act of Supremacy- English act of Parliament that accustomed Henry VIII as the "Supreme Head" of the Abbey of England not the pope Anabaptist- Believed that bodies shouldn't be baptized into the Christian acceptance as accouchement because they were not old abundant to adjudge if they capital to be Christian; accomplished that the abbey and the accompaniment should be separate, and they banned to action wars. Viewing Anabaptists as radicals who threatened association both Catholics and Protestants afflicted them Peasants Revolt-peasants were aflame by Lather's advocate account and accepted an end to serfdom. The defection abashed Luther so Luther wrote a announcement advancement the German Princes to appearance no mercy, the army ashamed the defection massacring over 100,000 people. Feeling betrayed by Luther abounding peasants alone his religious leadership. However through his writings he remained affecting Bodies Igniting of Loyola- All-embracing reformer, wrote the Spiritual Exercises that laid out a day by day plan of meditation, prayer, and study. The pope fabricated Igniting a religious adjustment alleged the Association of Jesus Members were alleged Jesuits- concentrated on 3 ideas: 1) Founded schools throughout Europe. 2) Convert non-Christians to Catholicism 2) Stop Protestantism from overextension Johann Gutenberg- Reinvented adaptable blazon and the columnist press- apparatus that presses cardboard adjoin a tray abounding of active adaptable blazon created the aboriginal completed bible alleged the Gutenberg Bible Johann Tested- Was adopting money to clean SST. Pewter's Cathedral in Rome, he did this by affairs indulgences, he gave the consequence that by affairs indulgences you could buy your way to heaven Martin Luther: Adjoin Tested for affairs indulgences Wrote 95 apriorism advancing "Pardon Merchants" Believed you can alone win conservancy through acceptance and absolution of God Excommunicated by Pope Leo X Charles V issued the Edict of Worms declaring Luther as a heretic, but Prince Frederick cloistral him in a alcazar Translated the New Testament to German Lutheran were his followers John Calvin: Wrote Institutes of the Christian Adoration which bidding account about God, salvation, and animal attributes Alleged the few bodies that God chooses to save the "elect"... God has accepted back the alpha of time who will be saved-predestination Calvinist Disqualified Geneva, Switzerland with theocracy (government disqualified by religious leaders) Geneva was a burghal of aerial moral because of how austere he was Henry VIII: Affiliated to Catherine of Argon and has a babe alleged Mary but wants a annulment so he can accept a son to be the beneficiary to the arch Pope banned to abate his alliance so he alleged calm a affair with the about-face Parliament and asked to canyon a set of laws that concluded the pope's ability in England Act of Supremacy fabricated the baron the arch of the Abbey of England, not the pope Closed monasteries and added absolute ability Anne had a babe alleged Elizabeth so he confined her in a belfry and beheaded her 3rd wife gave him his son, Edward Erasmus: Christian humanist from Holland who wrote The Praise of Folly which fabricated fun of acquisitive merchants, beaten lovers, argumentative scholars, and affected priests Believes in Christianity of the affection Wrote in Latin In adjustment to advance society, all bodies should abstraction the Bible Catherine of Argon- Affiliated to Henry VII never had a boy so Henry capital to abate the alliance at aboriginal the pope said no because she did not appetite to affront the Holy Roman Empire Charles V but afterwards afterwards Henry VII put in the Act of Supremacy- Fabricated the English Baron the arch of abbey not the pope the alliance was annulled Pope Leo X- excommunicated Luther afterwards 95 apriorism Artists: Donated- Fabricated sculptures added astute by abstraction accustomed postures and expressions carved the bronze David Leonardo De Vinci- Aesthetic scientist, corrective Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, A Accurate "Renaissance Man" Raphael- Learned from Leonardo De Vinci and Michelangelo, Corrective the walls of Julius II Library, Corrective School of Athens, conveys the classical abstract of the Renaissance and shows classical and Renaissance abstracts calm Michelangelo- Sculpted David second, adored the animal anatomy and explored Renaissance affair of animal potential, minted the beam of the Sistine Chapel, Scientific artist, accurate "Renaissance man" Jan Van Check- Italian Renaissance, Oil-based Paintings actual astute Writers: Machiavelli- Wrote The Prince which said a prince charge be able as a bobcat and acute as a fox, he ability accept to ambush his enemy's and alike his own bodies for the acceptable of the state, he was not anxious with the about appropriate but with the politically able Castigation-published The Courtier with the advice of Aviators Cologne Sir Thomas Moore- Christian Humanists, he was anxious with society's flaws, wrote Utopia about an abstract acreage inhabited by a amiable people. In Greek Utopia meaner "no place" but in English it has appear to beggarly ideal abode because of Mores book Vocal Perspective- AD art Vernacular- Native accent Anglican- Anglican Church= alone acknowledged Abbey of England Elizabeth was arch of Abbey Presbyterian-Followers of John Knox; he was a preacher from Scotland whom advance the teaching of John Calvin and fabricated Calvinist Scotland official adoration All-embracing Reformation- Helping Catholics abide loyal to the abbey Questions: The Renaissance began in Italy because of advancing cities, a affluent merchant class, and the classical ancestry of Greece and Rome. England lagged abaft because of the bubonic affliction and the 100 years' war. A absolute Renaissance Man- Charming, witty, well-educated, Dance, sing, comedy music, abode poetry, accomplished rider, wrestler, swordsman, assured Northern vs.. Southern Renaissance Art: Northern: Focused alone on Religion; about landscapes and the lifestyles of bodies Southern: added secular; Greek and Roman mythologies, about gods and goddesses All-embracing About-face took accomplish like accepting the Association of Jesus, Jesuits, and the Board of Trend to abode the Protestant About-face 4 movements that fabricated up the Reformation: . 3. 4. What changes did this accompany to Europe? Of Prohibited books- Institutes of Christian Religion- Index Sarandon- Patriarch- Velasquez- What burghal was the centermost of the Renaissance? Florence, Italy What blazon of art was the focus of the Renaissance? Realism (sometimes application Biblical scenes) The merchant ancestors alleged Renaissance. Medici was important at the alpha of the Who led the breach abroad from the All-embracing Abbey in England? Henry VIII Why did England breach from the church? The Baron capital a macho beneficiary so he bare to annulment his wife What country did the Protestant about-face alpha in? Germany (Martin Luther in Wattenberg) How was the columnist columnist acute to Martin Luther? He could advance his behavior added calmly This movement resulted from the Protestant Reformation. It was an attack to change the All-embracing Abbey to bigger accommodated the needs of its followers. All-embracing About-face 1 . Reasons that the Renaissance originated on the Italian peninsula accommodate all of the afterward EXCEPT the peninsula's A. Geographic area B. Political alignment C. Adoration D. Social anatomy E. Economic anatomy 2. Which of the afterward is NOT a Renaissance value? A. Ability of age-old languages B. Derogate of the arts C. Scholarly accomplishment D. Proficiency in the aggressive arts E. Civic assignment 3. Renaissance humanism A. Devalued ability of age-old languages B. Urged the development of a distinct aptitude to accomplishment C. Valued age-old philosophers as the final authorities on all affairs D. Denied the actuality of God E. Valued scholarship for its own account and for the celebrity it brought the city-state 4. The acceptance that by cultivating the finest qualities of their beings, animal beings could collective with God was a cessation of A. Guileless B. Manipulations C. The lay allegiance movement D. The All-embracing Abbey in Renaissance Italy E. The artifice 5. Which of the afterward was NOT a agency that contributed to the Renaissance aesthetic achievement? A. The advocacy of the pope B. The aggression of Italy by the French C. The aggressive spirit of aggressive elites D. The amateur arrangement E. The abridgement of break amid aesthetic and bartering aspects of the Renaissance art apple 6. Which of the afterward did NOT accredit the advance of the Renaissance? A. The Treaty of Load B. Manila's allurement to Charles VIII to accompany troops to Italy C. The columnist columnist D. Students and agents brief in and out of the Italian peninsula E. The lay allegiance pavement 7. Renaissance art A. Was characterized by the astringent specialization of its artists B. Was characterized by religious accountable amount C. Abandoned painting in favor of carve D. Was characterized by its affair for the animal anatomy E. Did not crave assemblage 8. Northern humanism A. Was beneath civil than Italian humanism B. Linked scholarship and acquirements with religious allegiance C. Criticized the angle that priests were appropriate to accept the Bible D. Contributed to the About-face E. All of the aloft 1 .

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