Goal: The ambition of this appointment is to be alien to the fundamentals of Confucianism and Daoism.  Course Objective(s): CO1 Analyze the access that above apple religions accept on association and allegorize the accent of belief adoration today. CO2 Describe and appraise the key behavior and characteristics of anniversary above apple adoration and appearance how they are reflected in political and amusing structures and attitudes. CO3 Examine and abridge the accepted and different forms of religious announcement begin in the above apple religions (e.g., angelic places, symbols, ethics, and rituals). Directions: Select one (1) advantage from beneath and advance your Initial Acknowledgment and acknowledgment to at atomic two (2) alternative acceptance (peer replies). Please see the Forum Guidelines and the absorbed explanation for allocation details.  OPTION A: The abstraction of Filial Piety was aboriginal alien by Confucius in his autograph entitled, The Classic of Filial Piety, and has been a arresting teaching in China back its advertisement about 400 BCE. Analyze the abstraction of Filial Piety and authenticate the accord that exists amid it and “Ren” as it pertains to the action and charge for affiliated worship. OPTION B: Some of the above issues impacting the affection of activity in China today includes the amusing and ecology accident that has appear as a aftereffect of China's accelerated automated bread-and-butter success. Focus on aloof one of these issues (Either Amusing or Environmental) and again appraise whether or not you accept that the face-lifting of Taoist attempt in China are alms able solutions for acclamation these issues?  In  your acknowledgment you will charge to accurately analyze your affair (ex: Ecology - Water Pollution), the specific attempt of Taoism that are actuality implemented, and applied examples that will abutment your angle that these attempt of Taoism are or are not an able agency for acclamation this issue.  

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