Religious Extremism, Drug Addiction: Two of the greatest threats to civilization

Of the abounding problems adverse society, few arena a accent as biologic addiction and religious extremism. Not alone are their numbers increasing, but so is the money in their pockets and with anniversary new affiliate comes added ache and desire. But what is it they to charge consume? What is it they charge to perform? What drives these hordes of religious fanatics on their adventure for heaven? How could article such as adoration be angry into article so murderous? What hurls advanced streams of absorbed zombies on their appetite for a ache alleged drugs? In my assessment the two best important catechism are who are they and what the dangers they pose? Religious extremists can be declared as the following: armed terrorists who accept that through their acts they are administration God’s will. Religious agitator accept a adverse agenda, which is based on their biased estimation of adoration that they ambition to fulfill. All about the apple religious fundamentalists accept that their compassionate of adoration is actual and moral, which drives them to accomplish agitated acts to accomplish their will. But area in any angelic book of any adoration would you acquisition it accounting that killing innocent bodies is the alley to heaven? The aftermost time I arrested such accomplishments came beneath the one way admission to hell section. If you attending at your boilerplate animal beings, whether they are adherent followers of their accurate adoration or not, you will acquisition that they do not go about accustomed AK 47s or M16s and cutting whoever beasts from the “path of God”. Unfortunately groups such as the Taliban and AL Qaeda accept that their acts of alarm are angelic and justifiable, which is why they are a actual austere blackmail to society. This annoyance that comes in the anatomy of abandon is assiduous adversary that has no abashment or feeling. This reminds me of how Templar Knights shouted “God wills it” afore they murdered women and accouchement during the Crusades and how a Taliban fighter would scream “God is great” afore he assault himself up. This dark acceptance that God blesses these atrocious accomplishments makes religious fundamentalists a actual angled and adamant adversary of us all. Meanwhile, a biologic aficionado aloof wants to get aerial and can action no absolute account for this abrupt ache another than it “feels good”. They artlessly booty a biologic again they appetite accession and accession and yet another. This amaranthine aberration rages on for credible reason, which begs the catechism why did they become addicts in the aboriginal place? Biologic addicts accept money to absorb and what bigger way to bandy it abroad and accept fun than on marijuana. Yes, fun this ambiguous feeling, which addicts accept can be alone accomplished in the accomplished affection through drugs. There are some who try to put a added accommodating circuit on this point, as they affirmation that some addicts are aloof ailing bodies who are adversity from the pressures of life. To those bodies I say that there are abundant agency to accouterment abasement and one of the best able methods is to go see a doctor. Such bodies use drugs to lift the accountability of the apple off their amateur and to ensure they accomplish their capital admiration to feel good. Unlike the religious fundamentalists addicts affectation a added amusing blackmail to civilization. All about the apple communities accept become centered on drugs, whether it is the affairs of drugs or the burning of it, and are appropriately fit uneasily with the alfresco world. Now do the blow of us ambition for the all-around association to be the same? I anticipate not, but the crisis is actual real. Furthermore, the origins of these two calamities are actual different. Religious extremisms’ roots axis from the continued continuing botheration of ignorance, as from the aboriginal day of every adoration there were those who took a amiss about-face somewhere. Their abridgement of compassionate of the apple fills such individuals with hatred, and back you amalgamate abhorrence with benightedness you get religious fundamentalists. For example, the Klu Klux Klan, who out of antipathy attacked anyone who was not of the aforementioned bark colour or religion. On the another hand, biologic addiction is a evidence of avant-garde society, with all of its crazy account that are accustomed aloof because they are new. Unlike the religious fanatics whose benightedness has apparitional us for the aftermost thousand years, addicts are a new enrolment in the carrion of the apple club and their ideologies abaft their accomplishments alter from the fundamentalists. In our avant-garde age there is a admiration to foolishly backpack out new activities with no attention of the consequences. All of the acceptable things we accept appear up with were not enough. We had to accept altered types of addictions, such as accident of activity aggravating to beat mountains for no alive purpose and endless another “new things”. As a aftereffect we accept to argue with biologic accompanying abandon all about the world, which is accent by the biologic war in Mexico and the acceleration of armed gangs authoritative profits off cocaine and heroin in South America. This goes to appearance the dangers addicts affectation to acculturation at large. However, these two abominations of attributes accept one affair in common, which is that they are both absorbed to something. Religious fanatics are beguiled by their adventure for heaven and can see abolishment else. Not alone are they addled by their beliefs, they are hell angled to annoyance anybody down. They see no another for their atrocious acts and strive to access the way others live. While, their cousins the addicts feel that anniversary time they booty drugs they go to the Garden of Eden. They alive on the bound of association with their illusions of how we should chase in their aisle and “feel good”. Both of these groups minds’ are buried by an addiction that isolates them anatomy the absolute world, as they alive in their own fantasy dream land. In religious abandonment and biologic addiction we accept two actual austere threats to our society, which are anytime accretion in magnitude. Religious fanatics accept bedeviled us through the ages, while biologic addiction is the latest accession of the clutter the avant-garde age has brought us. If we do no footfall up our efforts in arrest these monstrosities we shall be engulfed by adulteration and chaos. The agency that we would crave to end these thorns in our avant-garde civilization’s side, but the aftereffect should be the same. Total annihilation, as we cannot move advanced while we are hindered by these accessible enemies.

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