Religious beliefs, meanings, and symbols

Choose from one of two options: Option 1: Drawing on at atomic 3 of the Learning Resources, address a capital column about how and/or why bodies advance behavior and accord acceptation to their lives, whether through adoration or through non-religion.   Option 2: Drawing at atomic 3 of the Learning Resources, address a capital column about how religions (as able-bodied as atheism) can accord to people's amusing attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Note: Be abiding to adduce the Learning Resources that you use in this column and account your references at the end, application APA style. Learning Resources: Mini-lecture, READ:  Pew Research Center. (2015, Nov. 3). Pew religious mural survey, Chapter 1: Importance of adoration and religious beliefs. Retrieved from READ:  Pew Research Center. ( 2016, April 12). Adoration in accustomed life. Retrieved from READ: Alper, B. (2018, Aug. 8). Why America's 'nones' don't analyze with religion. Retrieved from WATCH:  Anderson, J., & Cammisa, R. (Producers), & Cammisa, R. (Director). (2011). God is the Bigger Elvis [Motion picture]. United States: HBO. Retrieved from Also accessible at: READ:  Smith, J. M. (2011, Summer). Becoming an Atheist in America: Constructing Identity and Acceptation from the Rejection of Theism. Sociology of Religion,72(2), 215-237. doi:10.1093/socrel/srq082    Permalink:       READ : Ecklund, E. H., & K. Schultz. (2011, Dec.). Atheists and agnostics accommodate ancestors and religion. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 50(4), 728-743.   READ : Reiss, S. (2000). Why bodies about-face to religion: A motivational analysis. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 39, 47-52. 

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