Religion, Social Conflict, and the Media

For this altercation , chase for an commodity in the accepted media that in some way expresses amusing battle aural a religion, battle amid religions, or cooperation amid religions.   Summarize the commodity  and chronicle the commodity to at atomic one of the  Learning Resources. Be abiding to adduce the assets that you use in this column and account your references at the end, application APA style. READ:  Masci, D. (2019, Oct. 31). In U.S., acquaintance with religious groups is associated with warmer animosity adjoin them. Retrieved from READ:  Masci, D. (2019, May 17). Many Americans see religious bigotry in the U.S. -- abnormally adjoin Muslims. Retrieved from READ: Burch-Brown, J., & Baker, W. (2016). Adoration and abbreviation prejudice. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 19(6), 784-807. Retrieved from Note: Only charge to apprehend abstract, anterior area and conclusion. WATCH TWO SHORT VIDEOS:  QuakerSpeak (2015, June 11). How avant-garde Quakers claiming acceptable gender roles. Retrieved from Religion & Ethics Newsweekly. (2016, May 2). Christians countering anti-Muslim rhetoric. Retrieved from READINGS: Swatos, W. H., ed. (1998). Stratification. Encyclopedia of adoration and society. Walnut Creek, Calif.: Alta Mira Press. Retrieved from Williams, T., & Dias, E. (2019, Feb. 26). United Methodists bind ban on same-sex alliance and gay clergy. New York Times. Retrieved from Fowler, M., & Joslin, L. (2019). Islamophobia: Changes and opportunities in the workplace. Retrieved from Pew Research Center. (2019, July 15). A Closer Look at How Religious Restrictions Have Risen Around the World. Retrieved from VIDEOS: TedxRainier. (2012). Interfaith amigos. Retrieved from Nuns and Nones. (n.d.). Webpage and video. Retrieved from Harvard University Pluralism Project. (2009). Fremont U.S.A. Retrieved from

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