Religion in the News

   2. Adoration in the News  This account appointment asks you to analysis newspapers and alternative account websites and appear up with a account of at atomic 15 examples of account belief revolving about religion. These belief should accept appeared aural the aftermost 6 months. For anniversary account adventure You charge to provide: the headline, the date, the bi-weekly and website antecedent of the story. (I advance you “copy & adhesive these) Then accommodate a abbreviate (no added than a few sentences) arbitrary of what the adventure is about, authoritative bright which religious tradition/s is/are involved.  For this appointment you should chase internet account websites and not candidly religious Websites for your examples. For example:,, the New York Times, Associate Press,Huffington Post, etc. If you’re confused, here’s an example—from neo-nazi baldheaded to accepted Jew. This is from a contempo  NY Times commodity  Please, no added than 2 or 3 accessories ambidextrous with the aforementioned topic.  And no added than 3 from the aforementioned source. And you charge additionally accommodate at atomic  4 accessories ambidextrous with any of the Asian Religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, or Confucianism!)  In adjustment to accept abounding credit, anniversary of the 15 entries charge accommodate the following: 1.  The Banderole or appellation of the article 2. The URL (web address) 3. A abrupt summary—3 or 4 sentences that explain what the commodity is about.

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