religion and ethics

For this week, we are discussing religion, globalism, and ethics.   Please acknowledgment to any two of the afterward four questions. Follow the web links to Bob Dylan's song "Highway 61 Revisited" for both the song and again the lyrics. Dylan begins with a call of a adventure from the Bible to fit the song.  The alternative song that absolutely quotes from Plato's Euthyphro is listed in catechism two "No Church in the Wild" by Jay-Z and Kanye West. In ablaze of that song and our advance readings so far, amuse acknowledgment any two of the following  questions: 1) What affiliation does that Bible adventure and Dylan's song acquire with belief and the alleged "Divine Command Theory" as consort by Euthyphro?  Here is the Dylan song "Highway 61 Revisited" by Karen O (click on baby arrow afterwards "link"): And actuality is the adventure of Abraham alleged by God to annihilate his own son (Dylan's aboriginal band in his song refers to this story): 2) What does the song "No Church in the Wild" use from Plato's dialogue Euthyphro?  What do you acquire the song to be aggravating to say with that adduce in this song?  Is the song application the adduce from Plato to back a altered acceptation than it has in the chat by Plato? Actuality is the song: 3) How ability a being be a theist (believing in god), but still not acquire Euthyphro's All-powerful Command Theory for how best to live? It ability be accessible to apperceive that the Abraham adventure that Dylan refers to in his song can be acutely assorted with addition Abraham adventure area the Patriarch absolutely argues with God about what amends would crave of alike the best able being; that adventure is the acclaimed Sodom and Gomorrah one, begin in Genesis 18:16-33. Actuality is the additional Abraham adventure that doesn't chase the all-powerful command theory: when this folio opens annal bottomward to the branch "Abraham Pleads for Sodom" and apprehension his altercation with God).  _____________________________________________________ Participants charge actualize a cilia in adjustment to appearance alternative accoutrement in this forum. Four postings are the appropriate minimum. 1 capital response: 250 words minimum for the column acclamation the questions accustomed for the week; 1 acknowledgment column with 100 words minimum 2 alternative acknowledgment posts at 60 words minimum for each. One of these acknowledgment postings charge be allurement a agreeable accompanying catechism on addition student’s posting.

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