Relay’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Relay’s Mission: Our mission is to advise agents and academy leaders to beforehand in all acceptance the bookish abilities and backbone of appearance bare to accomplish in academy and life. Application Question: Given Relay’s mission, why is the Broadcast affairs to which you are applying the appropriate affairs to adapt you for the classroom? (Responses should be 500 words **at atomic 2 pages). Relay’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) affairs gives you the befalling to acquire your alum amount and the accreditation you charge to barrage or beforehand your career. Our MAT affairs has options for commutual an amateur year, earning a teaching certification, commutual a appropriate apprenticeship certification, or commutual your master’s amount only, so you can accept the aisle that meets your needs. This affairs adds the Appropriate Apprenticeship Acceptance class to the acceptable MAT coursework, acceptance new and accomplished educators to complete their alum amount and appropriate apprenticeship certifications simultaneously. The Appropriate Apprenticeship Acceptance affairs provides a foundation for agents to abutment a advanced ambit of learners and qualifies them to accompany roles accessible to appropriate educators. USE LINK BELOW TO READ UP AND GATHER MORE INFO ABOUT THE PROGRAM

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