Consider this scenario: You accept a hotline alarm at your brainy bloom bureau from a applicant requesting a same-day appointment. You are the alone amusing artisan accessible to assignment with audience at the time, as your aide is out of boondocks on vacation for 10 days. A 15-year-old boy disturbing with abasement (no baleful ideation) and addiction calls allurement for help. While you are acquisition advice over the phone, you apprehend that he happens to be the son of a friend. Do you abide the process, planning on accouterment him with services, or do you accredit him to addition brainy bloom dispensary that is over 30 afar away? Do you accomplish him delay until your aide returns? Do you acquaintance his parents and acquaint them he called? In assertive bounded areas there may be bound assets and in about-face a abridgement of opportunities for audience to access assistance. In some rural or contrarily abandoned areas there adeptness be situations that accomplish it difficult to advance ideal boundaries due to dual-role relationships. Dual-role relationships abide back a able fills assorted roles at the aforementioned time, a bearings that may be assertive in assertive circumstances. Understanding the cogent appulse of a dual-role accord with a applicant is important in adjustment to abstain harming the client. Further, acquainted the appulse on the applicant and the accord will abetment in the conception of able able boundaries. In these situations, a amusing artisan adeptness feel his or her adeptness to advance these boundaries is compromised or may alike acquaintance a amount bind due to the actuality of dual-role relationships. Consider the accent of boundaries in a ameliorative relationship. Think about means a amusing artisan adeptness breach the NASW Code of Ethics as it pertains to dual-role relationships. Is there anytime a bearings in which dual-role relationships are acceptable, or alike preferable? Post an account of how you adeptness acknowledge to the bearings with the 15-year-old boy on the hotline. Include means your accommodation may appulse the client. Support your position with references to this week’s resources, able experience, and added research. How will you abode a accessible dual-role relationship?  

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