Relations Between O. Henry’s Life and the Story “Buried Treasure”

O. Henry was built-in on September 11, 1862, as William Sydney Porter in Greensboro, North Carolina. Porter’s father, Argentina Sidney Porter formed as a physician (Read print, 08). Unfortunately, Porter’s mother died back he was age-old three and was accordingly aloft by his grandmother and aunt. Porter was an agog clairvoyant but he discontinued academy at the age of 15 years. He started alive in a biologic abundance and after on a agronomical in Texas. He afresh went to Houston area amid alternative jobs he formed as a coffer clerk. Money was begin to be missing from the coffer he was alive in and he was appropriate to angle balloon but he fled to abstain trial. He alternate to Austria back he heard that his wife was in her afterlife bed in 1897. He was bedevilled of abstraction of funds although their questions arose over his guilt. He was confined in 1898 till 1901. He wrote his aboriginal works in Penitentiary at Columbus, which apparent his career alpha as an author. In his work, “Buried Treasure”, there are assorted aspects of O. Henry’s activity that are accompanying to the story. It is adumbrated in his adventures that he wrote about the activity of accustomed bodies in New York City (On-line literature, 08). In the story, he says that his abstraction of a blessed home is an eight-room abode in a bracken of alive oaks by the ancillary of charcoal on a Texas prime, a piano, an automated player, and ponies. This reflects the wishes of best accustomed people. Another actuality in the author’s activity that is accompanying to his assignment on the active abundance is his education. O. Henry alone out of academy at the age of 15 years old acceptation he never accomplished his academy education. This is reflected in the adventure as he reveals now and afresh his antipathy for a academy education. This is brought advanced by his attitude appear Goodloe Banks who is a adolescent man from college. O. Henry wrote that Goodloe Banks ran to books, manners, culture, rowing, intellect, and clothes while he was added into baseball and Friday-night debating societies and added by way of ability and acceptable horseback ride (Classical reader, 08). O. Henry acutely brings out the actuality that apprenticeship is not consistently the key as the appearance Goodloe Banks is portrayed as accomplished but his apprenticeship does not advance him to the treasure. Goodloe’s apprenticeship is portrayed to be for corruption as the appearance Ed exploits him to get to the active abundance in this case Miss May Martha Mangum. Porter’s father, Algernon Sidney Porter, was a physician. Although a lot is not said about him, O. Henry at some point could be apropos to him in the adventure ‘Buried Treasure’. In the story, May Martha’s ancestor is said to be a man abaft bristles and spectacles. He is an etymologist. Scientists in the adventure are said to be apt to be absent-minded. Algernon Sidney Porter is acutely in the aforementioned class of scientists and accordingly O. Henry could be alongside apropos to him as absent-minded. Finally, in the book 41 stories, Porter is said to accept gone to Texas primarily for bloom affidavit and formed on a sheep agronomical and lived with a ancestors that had abutting ties with Porter’s ancestors in North Carolina (O.Henry, 84). Porter aggregate ability of agronomical activity which he describes in the adventure ‘Buried Treasure’. In the story, the character, Ed, is said to appetite to retire to a agronomical with three thousand active of beasts in Texas. Works Cited List: Classical Clairvoyant (2008). Active Abundance (Options). Viewed on 15th March 2008 at O. Henry. Selected Stories. Guy Davenport: Viking Penguin. 1993 O. Henry. 41 Stories. Burton Raffel: New American Library. 1984 Online Abstract (2008). O. Henry-Biography and Works. Viewed on 15th March 2008 at Read Book (2008). O. Henry-Books and Biography. Viewed on 15th March 2008 at

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