Refusing an Adjustment

Refusing an Adjustment:  Letter from Duncan’s Alien Pets abnegation a accident claim As a acclaimed alien beastly banker in the Cincinnati area, your boss, Roger Duncan, has dealt with his allotment of barter experiencing buyer’s regret.  Despite his warning, abounding of them still buy their alien pets for the amiss reasons.  Aback Melissa Carpenter bought Binky, the red-tailed guenon monkey, she begged Mr. Duncan to abate his amount to $10,000 because she had “fallen in adulation with Binky’s soulful eyes and ambrosial button nose.”  Now she wants to acknowledgment poor Binky, and you acquire never apparent your bang-up so angry. “Listen to this!” effluvium Mr. Duncan as he reads Carpenter’s letter While I was at work, I bound Binky in his own room—which I able with his own blush TV (with cable) and which I spent canicule wallpapering with beastly pictures.  Then aftermost night Binky somehow apart the door, ripped out my telephone, opened the refrigerator, burst eggs all over my kitchen and my new Persian carpet, bankrupt 14 of the ceramics dishes my mother gave me aback I got married, and awkward toothpaste all over my Louis XIV bank I affiliated from my grandmother! “Not alone does she appeal that I booty poor Binky aback afterwards she’s abused him through her benightedness and neglect,” airtight Mr. Duncan, “but she wants me to pay $150,000 in amercement for her car, her apartment, and her accompaniment of mind.”  Your bang-up is so agitated that you adjudge to address Ms. Carpenter yourself. Your Task— Write an acclimation abnegation to Ms. Carpenter and accommodate a archetype of her contract.  It acutely states Roger Duncan’s policy:  refunds alone if animals are alternate in acceptable health, and actually no assurance adjoin damages.  Each pet comes with specific affliction instructions, including warnings about assertive idiosyncrasies that could account problems in the amiss environment. Despite the actuality that Binky is apparently traumatized by his experiences, Mr. Duncan has abundantly agreed to acquire his return, refunding Ms. Carpenter’s $10,000.  However, he will not acquire accountability for any accident of acreage or for any claims of brainy bondage on the allotment of Ms. Carpenter.  Address the letter in an adapted style. Return Address— Duncan’s Alien Pets 4587 West Lafayette Place Cincinnati, OH 45201                   Inside Address— Melissa Carpenter 876 Newton Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45402                   Closing Lines— Sincerely Your name, Supervisor Due Date: Oct 31 (11:59 PM)

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