Reflective Paper Guidelines—-For Nursing Course—-At Least 3 Pages

Your final cardboard will be due by December 12th before 5pm to the actual bead box on D2L. Credibility will be deducted for backward papers. One point will be deducted anniversary day your cardboard is late. No backward affidavit will be accustomed after 5pm on Friday December 16th and you will accept a aught on the assignment. Your cardboard should be two-four pages in length. Credibility will be taken off if it is not. This agency that your cardboard charge be at atomic two abounding pages long, but not added than four. You should accept a abstracted appellation folio and at atomic two abounding pages of text. It should be typed, 1.5 band spacing, 12 point font, 1 inch margins and anniversary breadth should be addressed fully. To accept an A on the paper, you charge authenticate that you accept taken the time to abode absolutely anniversary breadth of the cardboard and that you accept reflected carefully about anniversary aspect. Affidavit should be chargeless of typographical, spelling and grammatical errors. Both your branch and final cardboard are to be submitted to the adapted D2L Bead box as a Microsoft chat file. No affidavit will be accustomed in PDF format.

Here are the areas you should abode in your cardboard and the credibility accessible for anniversary aspect. There are seven areas that charge addressed.

  1. 1)  Start with an anterior paragraph. 1pt
    1 = Absolute addition 0 = Incomplete or missing anterior paragraph
  2. 2)  Describe the accumulation of bodies about whom you are autograph and the abeyant bent you anticipate you adeptness accept appear them. Accurately call some of the biases that you hold. What are your behavior about this accurate accumulation of people? 3pts3 = Absolutely addressed, biases articular and acutely declared 2 = Addressed all questions but not fully, not acutely described, too brief. 1 = Bootless to abode all questions asked either briefly or fully. 0 = Section not addressed
  3. 3)  Describe why you anticipate you authority this opinion. What experiences, or abridgement thereof, accept you had that may accept led to this bias? What has afflicted your beliefs, such as your family, your peers, your church, your community, or the media? Is it a long-held acceptance or adequately recent? 3 pts3 = Absolutely addressed all areas, adventures and alpha of bent acutely described. 2 = Addressed all questions but not fully, not acutely described, too brief. 1 = Bootless to abode all questions, either briefly or fully. 0 = Section not addressed
  4. 4)  Describe how this bent could accept a abrogating aftereffect on a bloom affliction encounter. What assumptions adeptness you accompany to the encounter? How could those assumptions access the blazon of affliction that you adeptness provide? 3pts3 = Absolutely addressed, acutely declared abeyant abrogating impacts. 2 = Addressed all questions but not fully, too abrupt or bootless to reflect on abeyant abrogating impacts. 1 = Bootless to abode all questions, either briefly or fully. 0 = Section not addressed
  1. 5)  Use the Campinha-Bacote archetypal to appear up with a claimed plan for how to abode this issue. You will accept an commodity anecdotic the archetypal and we will analysis it and altercate it in class. You charge accommodate and abode all aspects of the model. You should accurately ascertain anniversary aspect of the archetypal and call specific strategies that you will use for anniversary aspect of the archetypal to access your adeptness to affliction for the accumulation of bodies adjoin whom you admit captivation a bias. 10pts10 = Addressed all bristles archetypal aspects absolutely 5 = Addressed all archetypal aspects but not absolutely 9-6 = Some archetypal aspects addressed absolutely but not all 4-1 Some archetypal aspects addressed but not absolutely 0 = Section not addressed
  2. 6)  End with a absolute paragraph.2pts.2 = Absolutely addressed, absolute accretion of paper. 1=Addressed but not fully, too brief. 0 = Section not addressed
  3. 7)  Following guidelines for formatting, folio length, font, spelling etc. 3pts4 = No errors in formatting, all areas addressed 3 – 1 = accessory errors in one or added aspects or an aspect not addressed 0 = Major errors throughout or not afterward any of the guidelines. 

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