Reflective Essay

After account absorbed book called "What we abstruse in chic so far". You'll see Both Diana and Jo aggregate with you the ART and point of appearance of their PERFORMANCE practice. Now is time to reflect aback what did you apprentice from alive with both: amuse use the afterward questions (answer all) to affect your autograph (Format: 3 pages, bifold space, 11 credibility font. Make abiding to add your own title). Steps for Autograph a Reflective Essay Think of an accident which could become the affair of your essay. ... Make a mind-map. ... Write a able aperture paragraph. ... (this is so important!) State your acknowledging arguments, ideas, and examples in the anatomy paragraphs. ... In the aboriginal book of the conclusion, briefly abridge your thoughts. 1. What did Jo and Diana say achievement agency for them? Why they perform, what motivates them to accumulate assuming and teaching this art? 2. What is the amount of achievement for this two artists?   3. What are your credibility of appearance about achievement change (or not)? what you already anticipation achievement is? 4. If you accept never anticipate actuality a performer, how did it feel to ball on campus with Jo or be allotment of the "Where is the tea" butoh exercise during Diana's butoh session? 5. Jo focused added on "modern dance" and Diana on "butoh" how these two achievement practices converge, or accept in accepted (Please do some analysis online on the accomplishments of these two practices) 6. What are the differences amid avant-garde ball and butoh? 7. How were you benefited (or not) from this two credibility of appearance of performance? 8. What do you anticipate so far about the ART of PERFORMANCE according these two artists?

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