Reflection W6

 For this assignment, reflect on what you accede to be some of the best cogent developments covered in this affair (for example, discoveries, changes in thinking, or analysis advances), and abode the following: Identify the developments and how they appulse individuals or beyond groups/cultures. Describe how the developments afflicted society's understanding. How is the development applicative alfresco of the amusing sciences? This appointment can be completed through a "micro-presentation" architecture (1 to 2 slides) or a short-answer acknowledgment (1 to 2 paragraphs). Please agenda that this appointment is an befalling for you to convenance elements of the aftermost project, due in the abutting theme. In that aftermost project, you will complete either a presentation or a abbreviate paper. When allotment your architecture for this assignment, accede what you will do for the aftermost project. Then accept one of the two options below: If you are allotment to abide your final absorption as a presentation: Complete the micro-presentation for this appointment (a presentation with 1 to 2 slides and accompanying notes). You may use a presentation belvedere of your best (Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.) to complete this assignment. To apprentice added about accepting Microsoft 365 and creating PowerPoint or Prezi presentations, appearance the Supporting Resources document. If you are allotment to abide your final absorption as a abbreviate paper: Complete the abbreviate acknowledgment acknowledgment for this appointment (a accounting acknowledgment of 1 to 2 paragraphs). Both assignments will be graded application the aforementioned criteria. To complete this assignment, analysis the Learning Block 6-3 Absorption Rubric document. 

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