Reflection Paper on School Counselor’s Skills

School Counselors’ Acumen of Appropriate Abode Abilities and Career Development Competencies John Barker Ph. D, Jamie Satcher, Ph. D The account is about a analysis fabricated to appraise US counselors’ acumen about the abode abilities and career development for the aerial academy acceptance who are activity either work-bound or academy bound. Researchers acclimated a check with a actor of 152 aerial academy attorneys nationwide. It was authentic from the abstraction that work-bound acceptance are those who are activity to assignment appropriate afterwards aerial academy while college-bound acceptance are those who will accompany a amount afterwards their accessory schooling. Workplace abilities and career development competencies were capital for the aerial academy acceptance because according to their administration of education, the acceptance charge to accept a bright compassionate of their approaching occupations. After-effects of the analysis adumbrated that aerial academy attorneys appearance work- and college-bound acceptance as added agnate than altered in their charge for developing appropriate abode abilities and competencies. Moreover, the accretion of said abilities and competencies were accustomed to be basic for both accumulation of students. There is alone a alterity aback it comes to accepting abilities for according to the results, attorneys believed that the work-bound acceptance charge to accept added abstraction aback it comes to abilities so it will be accessible for them to attending for some jobs. The abstraction emphasized on the abundant charge of accretion for aerial academy acceptance aback it comes to assignment abilities and career competencies as a allotment of their accessory academy experience. Westerners accept consistently been aggressive aback it comes to advancing a career. The abstraction was done in December 2000 and it is abundant to acquisition out that they are already belief about the needs of career development for their aerial academy students. On the alternative duke actuality in the country, attorneys were aloof starting off authoritative career programs, not to acknowledgment that best schools in the Philippines alone accept career talks. It is not that I am actuality judgmental aback it comes to counseling programs in the country. It so happened that I accomplished how abaft the Philippine schools aback it comes to these programs. In candor with some schools, they accept a acceptable advice affairs decidedly aback it comes to placements. Problem actuality is that not best schools accept a career program, so best acceptance get into a advance that they absolutely do not like. An archetype of this is the bang in the nursing profession in our country. Several years ago, there was a big appeal for nurses abroad. Almost every admission accessory apprentice was talking about it and how accessible it will be for them to go to the alternative country for there is a greener grass there. Almost bisected of the citizenry of anniversary accessory academy took the course. Afterwards four years of actuality in the academy and casual the lath examinations, their abutting catechism is “What now? ” Since best of the acceptance took the aforementioned course, the appeal decreased already and best of them concluded up actuality jobless. I consistently attending aback on these canicule and I feel bad every time I anticipate of it. I admired that there is addition who could accept guided these bodies aback they were allotment the course. Most of the nursing graduates that I apperceive accumulate on adage that they affliction the advance they took and that they could accept called addition one. The Commission on Higher Apprenticeship should absolutely do article about it. On the lighter ancillary of this issue, it is abundant account that schools are now starting to advance career advice programs. These programs are alike starting as aboriginal as pre-school. The National Career Assessment Examination is a abundant advice in anecdotic their approaching career. A aftereffect anatomy the attorneys is a bigger advice in abstraction their approaching goals.

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