Reflection Paper and PowerPoint Presentation

   Managing Stress and Time 1) Self-Reflection Cardboard on Managing Stress and Time A self-reflection cardboard differs abundantly from best alternative bookish affidavit you are assigned. As the writer, you are asked to address in aboriginal person, authoritative "I" statements that animate you to analyze your affections about the appointment you accept able throughout the semester. Required is American Psychological Association, or APA, style, it is agnate to autograph an article in APA style.  You will absorb in argument citations and references that affix your called affair to your reflection. Writing the Paper You will complete a reflections cardboard of a minimum of three abounding pages to four pages in breadth for this assignment. Claimed reflections are an befalling to affix a affair or affair discussed in chic with your own appointment experience, with what you aspire to, or with what you accept empiric in others.  Submit bifold spaced in APA to Moodle with a awning folio and a minimum of 5-10 references and 3-5 topics. Write a aboriginal abstract of an addition paragraph. In three to bristles sentences, chronicle your claimed activity to the class. Accompaniment a cardinal cessation you drew from the chic that affects the way you appearance or act in your own life. You explain this alternation in the advancing paragraphs. Write one to three paragraphs citation specific examples from the class. Cite the abstracts you acclimated to study, such as books, essays and films. Cite the teacher's lectures. Cite projects you or your classmates completed. For anniversary source, accompaniment at atomic one cessation you drew. Explain how and why that antecedent afflicted you as it did. Write at atomic one branch comparing your angle afore and afterwards demography the class. Mention a cardinal moment in the chic that stands out. Explain the opinions you captivated about the accountable amount of the chic afore demography it, and whether these opinions changed. If they did change, explain why. (For anniversary topic-relate acquirements from chic and appulse on you) Write a cessation branch answer how the acquaint abstruse through the chic afflicted how you act or may anticipate in the future. If the chic did not change how you act or think, explain why. If you would like to accomplish accessible suggestions to the abecedary for convalescent this chic in the future, do so. Reread your aboriginal abstract paragraphs and edit. Cut out accidental words. Check to accomplish abiding you acclimated "I" statements. Check grammar and punctuation. NO PLAGIARISM!!!!! 2) Power Point presentation    1.  Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation should include: a.   Title Slide b.   Length: Project will be graded on affection vs. abundance of advice at atomic 6 agreeable slides and at appellation and advertence page. (5 curve and 5 words per with apostle notes)  c.    Conclusion Slide  d.    Reference Slides and citations on agnate slides 2.   Presentation should attach to APA 6th copy architecture in advertence to citations and references. 3.   Presentation should be complete with adroitness in apperception including graphics, charts, video, etc. 4.   Course presentation will be delivered application Voice Over Power Points If you accept any questions pertaining to the advice bare for the paper, aloof ask, I will be animated to acquaint you with any advice bare to complete the paper.

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