Reflection paper

   Reflection Paper Students are accepted to address a 2-3 folio absorption cardboard (not including awning folio and references) anecdotic a adopted access to counseling from the theories we accept covered throughout the division in our arbiter (e.g., Adlerian, Existential, CBT). The cardboard charge be bifold spaced and accounting in APA architecture with a awning area and references. You may baddest one of the theories, or a aggregate of them, that you begin to be best accordant with your beliefs, and best able for allowance audience accord with their problems. All of the afterward needs to be addressed in your cardboard and you charge LABEL EACH SECTION OF YOUR PAPER AS FOLLOWS: · Called Theories: What counseling approach or theories from the called readings did you baddest and why? · Goals for Therapy: What are the best important goals for analysis according to the called counseling theory? · Role of Therapist: What is your role and action as a therapist administering this specific blazon of counseling? · Techniques: What techniques would you be acceptable to administer to a specific problem(s) back application this blazon of counseling? Be abiding to accommodate the above techniques discussed in the textbook.  · Expectations of Client: What changes or outcomes would you apprehend to see from an alone afterwards accepting this blazon of counseling?  Make abiding that your opinions and assertions are accurate by the advice in the argument and constant with the approach or theories you selected. You should use the argument as a advertence as able-bodied as at atomic one alfresco ability and accredit to it in your paper. This cardboard will be submitted via Turnitin. Analysis the abundant Turnitin instructions (Links to an alien site.) on how to abide your assignments and how to analysis the Grademark comments (feedback) from your professor. See the university’s action on plagiarism. Grading Rubric for Cardboard - 15 Points · COVERAGE AND ACCURACY OF THE REQUIRED CONTENT IN EACH OF THE SECTIONS- 8 POINTS · THOROUGHNESS OF THE DISCUSSION AND APPLICATION OF THE THEORETICAL CONCEPTS - 2 POINTS · USE OF TEXT TO SUPPORT OPINIONS AND IDEAS- 2 POINTS · APPLICATION OF AT LEAST ONE OUTSIDE RESOURCE WITH REFERENCE LISTED- 1 POINT · APA FORMAT- 1 POINT · GRAMMAR- 1 POINT

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