Reflection Paper

Pick  a close of your best that is headquartered in a country other than the  US (non-US MNE) but has US operations. Discuss the firms' US  activities. -Describe its activities in the US in brief.  -  Use any of the chapters/concepts of the arbiter to explain/examine the approach of operations of the close in the US (eg. exporting, licensing, JV, greenfield, accretion etc).  -  Use any of the chapters/concepts in the arbiter to explain/examine 1-2 activities declared in added detail (for archetype marketing, R and D or production?) -  Provide some suggestions on how the close could advance aloft the  activities you accept examined. Draw on concepts from the text/other  reference material. In your reflection, you should accommodate your identification and assay of the axial issues accompanying to the topic, your appraisal of the another perspectives accompanying to the topic, and a description of your accepted attitude on the affair you accept called from the ample topic. The  reflection cardboard charge be 3 pages in breadth (no added and no less) and  must be distinct spaced application Times New Roman, admeasurement 12 font, with 1.25  inch margins on the ancillary and 1 inch margins on the top and bottom.  In  addition, you charge attach a awning folio that includes the affair you accept  chosen and a folio of references at the end of your cardboard (the awning  page and advertence folio do not calculation against the 3 folio requirement). You  must use at atomic ten references for the paper.

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