One Page, Distinct Spaced, Times New Roman Font, 1-inch margins!, Distinct amplitude heading, accommodate absorption   around 500words Continuing with the affair of the credo of white supremacy... What role did it comedy arch up to the Mexican-American war and the afterwards math. How was it acclimated to absolve demography Mexican Land? What address did it aftermath apropos Mexicans? What was the aftereffect of the war? What were the similarities amid US analysis of Native Americans, Blacks, and Mexicans during this time period. MOST IMPORTANTLY what were your reactions and thoughts (reflections) to the readings? Critical Absorption Prompt What is NOT a analytical reflection? A analytical absorption is NOT a arbitrary or analysis of the topics, readings, lectures or films. I am interested in what you anticipation about them. I do not charge a arbitrary of them as I additionally watched, read and listened to the altercation of the topic. What is a analytical reflection? A analytical absorption is an emotional, personal, artful yet bookish appraisal of your engagement with a accurate affair from class. What appulse did the affair accept on you? I want you to booty the time to reflect on what you learned, anticipation and acquainted about a particular theme/topic/video/film and address a one folio distinct spaced acknowledgment that draws connections between your thoughts, the readings and the lectures. What genitalia of the affair you engaged grabbed your attention? Why? What do they accept to do with the chic concepts? Did it remind you of article you accept analogously experienced? How did this advice you see things from a different angle than before? These are all questions you can ask yourself and attack to answer. This is an accessible concluded appointment that I adopt to let you booty area you feel you need to booty it. I am attractive for reflections that authenticate a alive ability of and draw connections amid the video, lectures and readings accouterment specific examples. Standard Format: PDF or WORD DOC(X) ONLY! One Page, Distinct Spaced, Times New Roman Font, 1-inch margins!, Distinct amplitude heading, accommodate reflection reference link: ttps://

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