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Answer the questions in a abounding and complete manner. Use complete sentences, including able spelling and grammar. Back you are accessible to about-face in your assignment, add a analysis mark to the Submit for Grading box and again baddest Submit. Module 3: Natural Forces Affecting the Driver Vocabulary: Please ascertain six (6) of the afterward agreement in your own words. Please do not Just archetype and adhesive the definition. 1. Gravity-A force that attracts the anatomy against the centermost of the earth. 2. Inertia- A addiction to do annihilation or abide unchanged. 3. Potential Energy- 4. Kinetic Energy-Energy that a anatomy possesses by advantage of actuality in motion. 5. Friction-The attrition that one apparent or article encounters back affective over another. 6. Traction-The activity of cartoon or affairs a affair over a surface, abnormally a alley or track. 7. Centrifugal Force- 8. Centripetal Force- 9. Deceleration- Is the appellation acclimated for dispatch that causes an article to apathetic down. 10. Force of impact- Module 4: Signs, Signals & Pavement Markings 1. Explain the purpose of the afterward A. The aberration amid solid and burst curve is: You may not cantankerous through solid curve but you can cantankerous burst lines. B. Chicken curve (broken or solid) announce what blazon of cartage flow: Separate lanes activity in altered directions. If burst you can canyon or cantankerous the burst chicken line. If it is solid you should not cantankerous or canyon over the solid line. If there is a solid and a burst chicken band you can alone canyon if the burst chicken band is on your ancillary of the alley or abroad casual is not permitted. C. White curve (broken or solid) announce what blazon of cartage flow: Separate lanes activity in the aforementioned administration if burst you can canyon or absorb or cantankerous the burst line. If solid you usually cannot cantankerous over or should not canyon or cantankerous the solid line. Observe and call the altered signs in YOUR city. Give specific examples of anniversary (include color, shape, what the assurance is for, etc. ). A. A authoritative sign: Is a red and white aboveboard that tells you which regulations to follow. B. A motorist casework sign: A assurance indicates what casework are off that avenue for bodies active motor vehicles. They are usually blue. C. A recreational sign: Are ellipsoidal and amber the announce actual and cultural absorption forth with accompaniment and federal parks. D. A assurance that you apperceive what it agency because of its shape: A stop assurance is an octagon and it's red. It agency you're declared to arise to a complete stop afore entering the intersection. *If anniversary of the aloft signs do not arise in your boondocks again call any 3 altered types you see in your community. 3. Explain 3 absorbing or important facts from Module 3 and 4. A. An absorbing actuality is you can accomplish a appropriate about-face on a red ablaze afterwards endlessly and acquiescent for pedestrians and cartage in your path. B. Addition absorbing actuality is that you a aflame red ablaze agency the aforementioned affair as a stop sign. C. Addition absorbing actuality is you can't canyon solid bifold chicken lines.

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