Reflection Essay on Walt disney

Disney is one of the best accustomed names in the world, but few apperceive as abundant about the man abaft the Magic Kingdom, not to acknowledgment the hundreds of activated cartoons amaranthine affection films and amaranthine toys that buck his name As the man of his time Walt Disney was an avant-garde animator and created the action appearance Mickey Mouse that aggressive accouchement about the world. Coming up as a kid, Disney had four brothers and one sister. He lived best of his adolescence in Marceline, Missouri were he began to alpha cartoon as a kid Disney clashing best was an administrator , as fast as he could draw he would advertise his paintings and his pictures o the neighbors and ancestors friends. When Disney was 16 he alone out of aerial academy to Join the army, but was alone for actuality underage. Instead, he Joined the red-cross and was beatific to France for a year. Soon afterwards abiding from France his brother Roy got him a Job at the Pesman-Rubin art flat area he fabricated commercials based on agent animation. In the backward 1930s and aboriginal 1940s were boxy times for American businesses. Disney fabricated it through the Great Depression and Apple War II by dedicating abundant of his new flat to bearing health, apprenticeship and advertising films for the U. S. government. It additionally produced abbreviate comedies aimed at advocacy civic morale. To accession added money Disney took his operation accessible in 1940. He would win 26 Oscars over the advance of his career, the best awards accustomed to any individual. During the abutting few years, Goofy- Donald Duck and several alternative memorable characters Joined Mickey. But Disney believed the approaching of aggregation was in feature-length films, and appear Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937. It was the aboriginal feature-length activated cine to be produced in Technicolor, and bulk about $1. 5 actor to accomplish an exceptional of bulk in Depression-era America.

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