Reflection Essay on Rhetorical Analysis

Sharmil Whyatt March 6, 2012 English Articulate Assay of Song Lyrics My song of best is, Wale. “Bad”. Folarin. Maybach Music, 2012. Mixtape. This song aback hitting the mixtape arena is actuality played all of the time and is actuality articulate by bodies all over the world. A articulate assay is aback you breach bottomward a argument and try to accept the added acceptation that you anticipate it ability mean. This is accessible because it allows you to do two things, added accept the argument and additionally accomplish abiding that you accept what you are acquirements about. I accept this song for a brace of reasons, one it was ashore in my arch the day the appointment was announced, two I absolutely do like the song and I anticipate that bodies can chronicle to it, and assuredly a acquaintance of abundance said that this song defines me. I took this befalling to get to bigger accept what Wale ability be aggravating to say in this song. I anticipate that this song as accomplished archetype of logos, ethos, and desolation that abounding bodies can chronicle to. The chat logos is acclimated to address to the readers accepted sense, additionally their behavior and values. I anticipate that Wale is aggravating to say that if you accept in adulation again you should additionally be able to accept in fucking. The alpha angle of the song speaks for its cocky “Is it bad that I never fabricated love, no I never did I, but I abiding apperceive how to fuck”( Tiara Thomas Hook). If you ask anyone they will acquaint you there is a complete aberration amid authoritative adulation and fucking. Aback I asked my acquaintance about the two she defines authoritative adulation and I adduce “Something that is amorous and bendable with annihilation but adulation and affliction in anniversary other’s eyes”. She authentic fucking as “Two bodies who alone affliction for anniversary alternative in that moment, you alone charge them to amuse and again they can leave”. At the end of the day everybody is attractive for love, he alike says at the alpha of the song that “Monogamy or whatever you alarm it…ain't for everybody” (Wale Intro) but if you’re not authoritative adulation again your fucking. Yea you ability accept those little affections that you anticipate it ability be absolute but aback you acquisition out it’s not you go out and attending to acquisition what we alarm in this bearing as a backlash or a fuck buddy. The chat appearance is aback you use the words or acceptability of the artisan or biographer to abutment your ideas. Wale is a actual acute individual, alike admitting he didn’t alum from academy he was a apprentice athlete. I anticipate that this song is added like him putting his affections out about himself. That he has never absolutely fabricated adulation that he has alone fucked women. I anticipate that he cogent it all to us in this one band “Most of us hasty into it anyways, you apperceive what I'm saying”. I additionally anticipate that he is throwing a ambit brawl aback he says that “You ain't hasty for love, and I ain't up actuality to judge”. That maybe he already was in adulation but he and this woman never had their adulation go to an acquaintance level. I accept been in adulation afore but aback me and my accomplice area calm it was never we were authoritative adulation it was we were fucking. You can alarm it what you appetite but at the end of the day aback you are no best with them you attending aback on it, you apprehend that it wasn’t love. The chat desolation is aback you use your feelings, emotions, and close anticipation to access people. I anticipate that Wale ability be aggravating to acquaint us of his close emotions. I am not absolutely abiding if he is aggravating to acquaint us that he is accessible to accomplish adulation or if he wants to abide bottomward his aisle of aloof fucking women. In the curve “I don't charge affections to accessible your abysmal sea, I can see the ocean by activity amid legs”. In this band I anticipate that he has fabricated up his apperception that he will aloof get this affect that he seeks from in amid a woman legs. It’s about as admitting he is accepting a accord and the vagina (in amid legs) is that affair that you don’t appetite to lose. It’s aloof like that accord area you are with addition and they acquaint you that if you don’t do things there way you accident them abrogation you. Wale is application his admiration of vagina to accumulate the girls advancing back, it’s accessible that the females that he has been allotment all appetite to accomplish adulation but he will not let it get to that level. Wale or the changeable of his best aloof booty what they charge and again leave. In cessation I accept abstruse the aberration amid ethos, pathos, and logos. I had abstruse about it every year of English but with accomplishing this appointment I accept a bigger ability of it because I had to absolutely do article with what I learned. This song ability be added important than we absolutely anticipate because it makes you think. It makes you anticipate about your accomplished and you approaching and area you ability appetite to go with it. The song gives you an all-embracing attending into the body of Wale and how he feels about assertive things. I you now my bearing we don’t absolutely accept to music anymore. An aback I say that I beggarly the lyrics what the artisan is absolutely aggravating to say. The alone affair we apprehend is a addictive angle and abject band that can accomplish you agitate your arch and agitate your butt. I anticipate that Drake said it best admitting “When you are blessed you apprehend the music, but aback you are sad you apprehend the lyrics”. Works Cited Thomas , Kelson , Tiara Thomas , and Wale . "Wale a€“ Bad Lyrics | Rap Genius. " Discover the Acceptation of Rap Lyrics | Rap Genius. N. p. , 30 Dec. 2012. Web. 7 Mar. 2013. . MLA formatting by BibMe. org.

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