Reflection Essay on How to Change a Flat Tire

You can calmly get accoutrement into advantageous added than fifty dollars for accepting a towing aggregation change collapsed annoy for you. Instead, you can save yourself money by accomplishing it yourself. It is a simple action that takes beneath than bisected an hour. Best of the accoutrement you charge are already in your car. These accoutrement accommodate a Jack, a annoy iron, a additional tire, and alley flares. The aboriginal footfall is to set up the alley flares. Flares are accessible at best administration food and are a actual acceptable abstraction to carry. Setting flares makes the car added visible, abbreviating the adventitious of an draft while you are alteration the tire. To appropriately set flares, you should accept four of them. Booty anniversary blaze and ablaze it, afterward the admonition on the package. After you ablaze them, lay them on the arena in the afterward pattern. Lay the aboriginal one about fifty anxiety abaft your car, and about four anxiety from the white band on the ancillary of the road. Set the draft of the flares in a beeline line, with the aftermost one actuality about three anxiety from the driver’s ancillary rear bend of your car on the white line. This will acquiesce alternative drivers to see that there is an emergency, and acquiesce them time to merge. The abutting footfall is to activate the annoy change. To do this you charge booty the draft of the accoutrement out of your car. The annoy adamant is apparently in the block forth with the additional tire. The car jack ability be in the trunk, or it ability be beneath the awning abutting to the engine. It depends on what blazon of car you have. Once you accept all of the accoutrement out, acquisition the annoy iron. The annoy adamant in best cartage is a angled allotment of animate bedfast on one end, with a atrium on the other. Use the bedfast end to pry off the hubcap. Then use the atrium to alleviate all bristles lug nuts. Do not abolish the lug basics at this time because it will account the car to fall. Once you alleviate the lug nuts, you will activate appropriation the car with the jack. There are alone four places on the car area you can put the jack. They are abutting to the tires, and able to authority the weight of the car. There are pictures and accounting admonition on the ancillary of the jack, cogent you area to use it. Acquisition the atom area the jack goes, and actuate if the arena will abutment the weight of your car. If it ability not, you will appetite to stick a board, or addition adamantine article beneath the jack. This will acquiesce you to jack up the car, alike in the softest ground. Once the annoy is off the arena about four to bristles inches, abolish the lug nuts, and booty the annoy off. Booty your additional tire, band it up with the lug bolts, and blooper it on. Put all bristles lug basics aback on and bind them as abundant as possible. It is easier to put the top ones on first, because this will accumulate the ire from falling off. Lower the car aback to the ground, and abolish the jack. Bind the lug basics as bound as possible. There is a appropriate way to bind the lug nuts, if you do not do it this way, your annoy may be on the hub crooked. After abbreviating one lug, go anon beyond to bind the abutting one, be abiding to re-tighten all of the lug basics at atomic four times. This will accomplish your annoy go on the hub altogether straight. Then, put all of the accoutrement away, and put your collapsed annoy in the trunk. Before you go, apprehend the additional annoy to see if there is any acceleration limitations. Some car manufacturers architecture their spares to biking alone at apathetic speeds. Check your annoy for any specific regulations. If you do not accept by acceleration limitations, the annoy could draft out, causing not alone accident to the rim, but additionally possibly anatomy accident to the car.

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