Reflection Essay on Grading System

Introduction This certificate studies how users acknowledge to the allocation arrangement and how able the arrangement that will advice them for accessible admission to the advice of the apprentice into the school. Our arrangement has an accessible way to abet added accomplishment from activities in academy and to advice them to abate time effort. This abstraction contributes to the abstract in two ways. First, it studies the distributional furnishings of a change in brand per semester/term of the student. Second, it provides as affirmation to the apprentice on their accomplishment to that accurate semester/term. Inside this certificate you will see how our arrangement works in the association abnormally for apprenticeship related. On the alternative hand, accepted depends on the achievement of the apprentice in the class. The apprentice accommodation on how abundant accomplishment to allot to learning, application the abstracts of the apprentice by putting/saving it to the database will be added reliable and accessible to acquisition back needed. Statement of the Problem Due to accept some overtime and adamantine assignment of the worker, we admission to accomplish this affairs so that it can advice the user to abate time accomplishment and accomplish an accessible admission to the annal and achievement of the apprentice in class. Application abundant abstracts on how to abundance abstracts will decay the users time and work. Background Study Harvest Christian College was formally launched in the apprenticeship acreage in 1996. The Academy has back been accepted to action aerial accepted of elementary to aerial academy education. They accept accessories that advice them to authorize an organized place. Significance of the Study Educational -It can advice agents and advisers to their work. An adapt appearance of the advice of the apprentice will accomplish an accessible action to see the achievement of the apprentice depending on the term/grading. It additionally accommodate as affirmation to the user on how the apprentice works on their grades. Economic - Reduces time accomplishment of the users, advice able of anecdotic the needs of the users of a accurate affidavit system. Technological -It reduces the abundant use of the programs that will use. Objective of the study General Objective The accepted cold of our arrangement is to advance the means of the users on how they appearance the grades and advice them to see the advice of the student, alone academy accompanying capacity (Grades, Section, and Subjects). Specific objectives: 1. To advance a bigger appearance of grades. 2. To Accommodate advice to the instructors. 3. To appearance an appreciable behavior on the allotment of the subject. 4. To abate the time accomplishment of the user. Scope and Delimitation Scope -This abstraction includes Harvest Christian College on how they assignment -Viewing and accretion grades of the students. -The achievement advice about the acceptance (sections, names). Delimitation -The abstraction does not awning any alternative classroom or accessories that do not use computer connections. -It displays alone the grades related; it will not added displays any advice such as birthdate, etc. Conceptual Framework Input Process Output -you will blazon the user name and countersign for the access. -computing grades of the students. -it will affectation the acceptance name and grades.

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