Reflection Essay on Freedom

FREEDOM Freedom. Isn't that such a admirable word. A comfortable allowance we've been given. A activity abounding bodies would like to experience. We accept a appropriate as bodies active in the United States of America to accept and acquaintance freedom. But did we anytime absolutely booty the time to anticipate of what abandon absolutely agency and how advantageous we are to accept such a thing. Abandon has such a abundant acceptation and amount to me because I apperceive what it is like to accept no freedom. To me abandon is abundant added than aloof actuality able to do as you please, it's added like article that can be sensed. Like back you go alfresco on fourth of July to watch fireworks you accept a sense, a activity that says I AM FREE. I bethink back I was aboriginal asked “What does abandon beggarly to you? ” My thoughts anon flew to Somalia, my parents motherland. I remembered what my mom told me about Somalia and what I saw on TV about how it's citizens don't accept any abandon abnormally women. I remembered what I saw about how active groups are stripping abroad the citizen's freedom. I remembered the action the kids in Somalia lived because of the abridgement of freedom. I remembered how atrocious I anticipation those bodies were for stripping abroad a accustomed that we as bodies have. They don't accept the abandon that we booty for accepted every day and we don't apperceive how abundant the allowance of abandon that been able aloft us is until it's been taken away. To be able to alive in a country that gives me abandon and the responsibilities that appear with it is a abundant account and I will consistently be grateful.

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