Reflection Essay on Everyday Use

Everyday Use Symbolism The Quilts These quilts represent Mama's ancestors and her heritage, they were fabricated by Grandma Dee and Big Dee. Symbolically, anniversary allotment of actual was fabricated from debris of accouterment that already belonged to addition in their family, including pieces of their great-grandfather's Civil War uniform. . To Maggie, they represent her family; she still remembers with adulation her grandmother who fabricated one of them and she says it is accept if Dee takes them because she does not charge the quilts to bethink Grandma Dee. To Dee, however, the quilts accept no affecting value. She commendations them as a blazon of folk art that will attending absorbing blind aloft her walls. (Dee embraces her African ancestry while abnegation her claimed ancestors history. ) Mama gives those quilts to Maggie because she knows Maggie, clashing Dee, will account the ability and ancestry by application it, or continuing it the way it was originally intended. 'Maggie can's acknowledge these quilts! she said. 'She'd apparently be astern abundant to put them to accustomed use. ' The Adulate Agitate and the Dasher The columnist additionally uses the adulate agitate and the dasher as a attribute to appearance mama’s understands of heritage. When Mama takes the dasher handle in her hands, she is symbolically affecting the easily of all those who acclimated it afore her. Her acknowledgment for the dasher and the quits is based on the adulation acropolis the bodies who fabricated use of them. Dee wants to use the agitate top as a centerpiece for the anteroom table and do article aesthetic with the dasher. Mama angle and ceremoniousness her ancestry as applied by affectionate what she acquired from antecedent ancestors and putting the anesthetized bottomward items into accustomed use. Dee angle and ceremoniousness her ancestry as apparent by affectionate the anesthetized bottomward items for their acquisitive and aesthetic value

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