Reflection Essay on Brand Awareness

South Asian Journal of Administration Sciences Vol. 5, No. 1, (Spring 2011) 11-23 A Abstraction on the Affiliation amid Cast Acquaintance and Consumer/Brand Adherence for the Packaged Milk Industry in Pakistan M. I. Subhani and Amber Osman* ABSTRACT Cast acquaintance charcoal axiological to chump activity as the alternation admission point to the brands. This cardboard put assiduously the accord of cast acquaintance on consumer/brand adherence in the packaged milk brands in the burghal Pakistan. There is affirmation of cast acquaintance and consumer/brand adherence on cast equity. The access takes into annual sources of cast equity-brand awareness, consumer/brand adherence and angel (perceptions / associations) on the sample of chump households. This cardboard suggests that in Pakistan amid the packaged milk brands there is no accord amid cast acquaintance and consumer/brand loyalty. In addition, testing accord by ambience perceptions as the mediating capricious amid cast acquaintance and consumer/brand adherence after-effects the same. For practicing managers and marketers it is important to agenda that there is a charge to amend their compassionate of the attributes and role of cast acquaintance on accessibility articles which has accidental about-face acquirement behavior and low-involvement. In the accustomed era, marketers charge advance branding strategies for commodity-products such as milk packaged brands by advance and deepening its accumulation alternation system, to actualize and access cast acquaintance for the milk brands in-turn to body consumer/brand adherence than aggravating to anon body consumer/brand adherence by abundant spending on promotional tools. Key Words: cast awareness; consumer/brand loyalty; cast equity; cast acumen JEL Classification: M31; M39 * Corresponding authors email: [email protected] co. uk and amber. [email protected] com * The actual presented by the columnist does not necessarily portray the appearance point of the editors and the administration of Iqra University, Karachi. SAJMS 2011, Published by Iqra University Defence View, Shaheed-e-Millat Road (Ext. ), Karachi, Pakistan. M. I. Subhani and Amber Osman INTRODUCTION The breadth of assay for this cardboard focuses on empirically belief the accord of cast acquaintance on brand/consumer loyalty, which constitutes the success of a brand. This accord amid cast acquaintance and consumer/brand adherence has been advised in Pakistan absorption on the bounded arena of Karachi in the ambience of fast affective chump articles such as packaged milk brands. Brand Disinterestedness and its interrelationships with cast acquaintance has been an important breadth of abstraction in actual abstract (Keller, 2003, 2006; Aaker,1991,2002; Yoo & Donthu, 2001, 2000; Moore,2002; Srivastava & Shocker,1991;Ailawadi, Lehmann & Neslin, 2003; Srinvasan, Park & Chang, 2005). Cast Equity, as the focus of this abstraction is authentic as absolute set of ethics absorbed by the consumers creating cogwheel furnishings to the cast which creates acquirement in the aggressive bazaar (Aaker, 1991). In this affiliation 'Brand Awareness' is the primary ambit of cast disinterestedness and is basic for the purpose. Brand disinterestedness is initially congenital by laying a foundation of cast acquaintance - eventually basic absolute cast images - and is ultimately maximized by aerial levels of cast adherence (Strategic Business and Assay Techniques, 2008). In alternative words, by compassionate the locus of cast adherence the practicing managers can alter their efforts appear factors that accord to cast loyalty. The present research, uses packaged milk-brands because, firstly milk is an accustomed article and secondly, it is heavily advertised by packagers of milk. Also to actualize the low captivation accommodation settings allowance creating the akin of cast acquaintance for the accurate artefact choice, alike in the absence of a admirable attitude (Betteman & Park 1980; Hoyer & Brown 1990; Park & Lessig, 1981). It is, therefore, pertinent to abode the affair of consumer/brand adherence in packaged milk industry and appropriately advance an abreast assessment of the abundant announcement expenditures witnessed in the industry. Therefore, this cardboard aims to abstraction "The affiliation amid Cast Acquaintance and consumer/brand loyalty: A Abstraction of Packaged Milk Brands". The all-embracing relationships of the cast acquaintance assemble on consumer/brand adherence of packaged milk brands in the industry has been empirically analyzed and resulted. Abstract Assay Abstraction of Branding The abstraction of Branding holds amazing accent back abounding years; it is the key to assay the appurtenances and casework from one to another. Customer's simple compassionate of cast is to accessory and account with accessible advice processing about articles purchasing and actuality assertive about the cast to body their assurance with time (Logo Design works, 2007). This reflects the greater charge from the organization's point of appearance to accept able brands body through able cast administration constant from able business programs to actualize cast equity. The avant-garde abstraction of branding grew out of the chump packaged appurtenances industry and the action of branding has appear to accommodate abundant added than aloof creating a way to 12 South Asian Journal of Administration Sciences A Abstraction on the Affiliation Amid Cast Acquaintance and Consumer/Brand Adherence for the Packaged Milk Industry in Pakistan dentify a artefact or company. Branding today is acclimated to actualize affecting accessories to articles and companies (Dolak, 2003; Kotler & Armstrong, 2004). Branding efforts actualize a activity of involvement, a faculty of college affection and an ambience of abstract qualities that beleaguer the cast name, mark or attribute (Aaker, 1991;Dolak, 2003). Brands basically actualize perceptions in the apperception of the chump that it is altered and there is no alternative agnate artefact or account in the market. Therefore, a cast is to say to be able article if it is constant over a continued aeon of time in accouterment the artefact or account which consumers and -to-be purchasers can await and trust, which will advance to a Cast affiance (Srinvasan, Park & Chang, 2005). Cast Disinterestedness The best important assets of any business are abstract - including its abject of loyal customers, brands, symbols & slogans and the brand's basal image, personality, identity, attitudes, familiarity, associations and name awareness. These assets forth with patents, trademarks and approach relationships comprise cast disinterestedness and are a primary antecedent of aggressive advantage and approaching balance (Aaker, 1991; Neal & Strauss, 2008). Cast Disinterestedness Cast Adherence Cast Alternative Cast Position Cast Angel Cast Personality Cast Character Cast Attitudes Cast Acquaintance Cast Affiliation Cast Acquaintance Source: Strategic Business and Assay Techniques, 1992-2008. Cast and Angel Assessment Figure 1: Strategic Business & Assay Techniques, 2008. The Cast Adherence is the aftereffect of the success of the Cast Disinterestedness which is congenital as apparent in the pyramid of the assorted variables, which makes the cast added stronger and acceptable to be captivated added generally appropriately accretion its amount in the best run through breeding profits. The accent of cast disinterestedness consists of abundant allowances for companies that own brands. Cast disinterestedness has absolute affiliation with cast loyalty. Added precisely, cast disinterestedness increases the anticipation of cast selection, arch to chump adherence to a specific cast (Pitta & Katsanis, 1995). Factors that Influences Cast Disinterestedness The afterward are the bristles aloft factors said by Aaker (2002, p. 7) to access the Cast Disinterestedness as 'Brand Disinterestedness (like aggregation equity) is the set of cast assets and liabilities affiliated to a cast that adds or decrease from the cast value. Aaker (1991) originally categorical bristles Vol. 5, No. 1, (Spring 2011) 13 M. I. Subhani and Amber Osman apparatus of cast equity: 1. Name Awareness: o Allotment of apperception 2. Perceived Quality: o Apparent as bigger / best fit for me (functionality, trust, continued lasting) 3. Brand Loyalty: o Enduring alternative 4. Absolute Associations: o Sponsorships, admired bodies application the product, accumulated citizenship. 5. Alternative Assets: o Trade marks, absolute channels, affairs systems (Paul, 2005). Cast Acquaintance "Brand acquaintance refers to the backbone of a brand's attendance in the consumer's mind" (Aaker, 1996, p. 10). It is a admeasurement of the allotment of the ambition bazaar that is acquainted of a cast name (Bovee, 1995). Marketers can actualize acquaintance amid their ambition admirers through repetitive announcement and publicity (Stryfom, 1995). Brand acquaintance can accommodate a host of aggressive advantages for the marketer. These accommodate the afterward (Aaker, 1996): -Brand acquaintance renders the cast with a faculty of familiarity. -Name acquaintance can be a assurance of presence, charge and substance. -The appendage of a cast will adjudge if it is recalled at a key time in the purchasing process. -Brand acquaintance is an asset that can be awfully abiding and appropriately sustainable. It may be acutely difficult to dislodge a cast that had accomplished a antecedent acquaintance akin (Aaker, 1996). Brand acquaintance is awfully important for all brands but aerial cast acquaintance after an compassionate of what sets one afar from the antagonism does one around no acceptable (Aaker, 1996, p. 174). Cast Acquaintance abstraction by Aaker Organizations can accomplish cast acquaintance by, firstly accepting a ample sales base, and secondly acceptable accomplished at operating alfresco the accustomed media channels (Aaker, 1996). Cast acquaintance is abstinent according to the altered agency in which consumers bethink a brand, which may accommodate cast recognition, cast recall, top of the apperception cast and antecedent cast (Aaker, 1996). Cast recognition: It? s accompanying to consumers' adeptness to affirm above-mentioned acknowledgment to that cast back accustomed the cast a cue. It requires that consumers can accurately discriminate 14 South Asian Journal of Administration Sciences A Abstraction on the Affiliation Amid Cast Acquaintance and Consumer/Brand Adherence for the Packaged Milk Industry in Pakistan the cast as accepting been ahead apparent or heard. * Cast recall: Cast anamnesis relates to consumers' bent to retrieve the cast from anamnesis accustomed the artefact category, the needs accomplished by the chic or a acquirement or acceptance bearings as a cue. It requires consumers to accurately accomplish the cast from anamnesis back accustomed a accordant cue. * Top-of-mind brand: This is the cast name that aboriginal comes to apperception back a chump is presented with the name of a artefact classification. * Antecedent Brand: The ultimate acquaintance akin is cast name dominance, area in a anamnesis assignment best consumers can alone accommodate the name of a distinct brand. Accordingly the claiming adverse the marketers is to body acquaintance and attendance both economically and calmly (Aaker, 1996). Brand Acquaintance and the Chump angle Aaker & Joachimsthaler (2000) ascertain cast disinterestedness as cast assets affiliated to a brand's name and attribute that add to, or decrease from, a artefact or service. According to them, these assets, apparent in Figure, can be aggregate into four dimensions: cast awareness, perceived quality, cast associations, and cast loyalty. Cast Disinterestedness Cast Acquaintance Perceived Affection Cast Affiliation Cast Adherence Aaker & Joachimsthaler, 2000 Figure 2: Francisco Guzman, 2004 These ambit accept been frequently acclimated and accustomed by abounding advisers (Keller 1993; Motameni & Shahrokhi 1998; Yoo & Donthu 2001; Bendixen, Bukasa, & Abratt 2003; Kim, Kim, & An 2003). Cast acquaintance affects perceptions and taste, Bodies like the accustomed and are able to accredit all sorts of acceptable attitudes to items those are accustomed to them. (Aaker & Joachimsthaler 2000). The Accent of cast acquaintance in cast best Taking Aaker's (1991) abstraction on cast acquaintance that enlightens the approach of cast equity's basic allotment that is cast awareness. Aaker (1991) covered baby aspects of this affair to assay its purpose of actuality there and why it has been so important and in actuality accepting added insights by the organizations which are advance a lot in the cast allotment and its amount which is acquired from the admission point of bringing acquaintance to the consumers about the brands in the bazaar until its trial, acceptance and re-purchase to the adherence aspect which has been covered thoroughly. Cast acquaintance as into added addition is the accommodation of consumers to admit or bethink a cast and there is a bond amid the cast and the artefact class, but the Vol. , No. 1, (Spring 2011) 15 M. I. Subhani and Amber Osman articulation does not accept to be strong. Cast acquaintance is a action from area the cast is aloof accepted to a akin back the consumers accept put the cast on a college rank; the cast has become the "top of mind" (Aaker, 1991). Acquaintance aLinking Anchor to which alternative associations can be absorbed Signals of substance/commitment Cast be advised BRAND AWARENESS Source: Aaker, 1991 Mark, Goransson & Svensson, 2005 Consumer/Brand Adherence Figure 3 As bidding beforehand apropos cast equity, cast adherence is the allotment of it. Cast adherence affects the consumers? best of cast to a aerial extent. In simple words, back consumers are loyal to a assertive cast they buy it at approved basis. Actuality Loyal translates adage no to alternative brands in the aforementioned product-category whether they are bigger than the called brand. Adherence gives an advantage to the firms, as they can handle antagonism in lower amount and advance articles abundant bigger back accepting loyal consumers (Usiner, 2000). It agency : low cast disinterestedness aerial cast disinterestedness a a if buyers don? t affliction about the brand. consumers are focused on the cast and alternative elements of the cast (logo, chime etc) Additionally accepting bottom account of alternative cast offerings (Aaker, 1991). Aaker (1991) added explains that adherence is basically a abstinent accommodation of how abundant a client can be emotionally complex in a brand. It shows how abundant a chump is accommodating to change to addition brand, back alternative brands are alms added than the cast actuality in use. By time, the adherence gets higher, the consumers' belvedere and the antagonism adjoin competitors gets stronger. Cast Adherence indicates the auction which is the approaching accumulation of cast equity. The types of loyalties are: -Passive loyal: Affairs the cast out of habit. -Fence sitters: aloof amid two or added brands. -Committed: Truly loyal to the brand. Aaker (1991) tells that cast awareness, perceived affection and bright able cast character can accord to college adherence (Aaker, 2002 ; Mark, Goransson & Sevensson, 2005). Brand acquaintance and cast angel to be antecedent to cast achievement and cast trust. That is, both cast achievement and cast assurance crave cast knowledge; unless a chump has a representation of the cast in anamnesis including acquaintance and a absolute angel he 16 South Asian Journal of Administration Sciences A Abstraction on the Affiliation Amid Cast Acquaintance and Consumer/Brand Adherence for the Packaged Milk Industry in Pakistan or she cannot be annoyed by the cast or assurance the cast (Chaudhuri, & Holbrook, 2001). At this point in the abstract assay it is adapted to advance that in all the theories and models discussed so far, cast acquaintance assumes ascendant significance. Added or beneath all actual point to the actuality that cast acquaintance is the foremost footfall in creating cast disinterestedness as reflected in consumer/brand loyalty. Cast Acquaintance and Consumer/Brand Adherence Finally, cast acquaintance affects chump adherence and controlling by influencing the accumulation and backbone of cast associations in the cast angel created through the altered advice absorbed to the cast in memory. Based on these and alternative opinions of altered authors on cast acquaintance and its accent to the aggregation in turns of accepting bazaar allotment through cast adherence by consumers able perceptions and associations which is acquired by the acquaintance of cast through altered forms signifies its assay capital abstraction on the brands in competition. In convenance companies use aided and abandoned awareness, angel and branding business assay studies to actuate the admeasurement to which consumers are accustomed and absolute opinions about their articles or services. In abounding industries, companies with the accomplished acquaintance levels additionally ascendancy the better bazaar share. Befitting in apperception the accent accorded to the abstraction of "Brand Awareness" by assorted authors and practitioners, its assay implications are able-bodied accustomed (Market Assay Worldwide, 2009). Acquaintance levels, measures whether consumers apperceive about and are accustomed with a company, organization, product, or service. Abandoned acquaintance is the amount to which consumers anticipate of a aggregation or artefact on a top-of-mind basis. For example, Back you anticipate of companies that accommodate these categories of products, which aboriginal appear to mind? Bazaar Street Research, 2004). Aided acquaintance on the alternative duke is the amount to which consumers who apperceive about a aggregation or artefact are accustomed with that aggregation or product. For archetype a catechism asked could be, How accustomed are you with this product? Would you say you are actual familiar, somewhat familiar, or not familiar? (Market Street Research, 2004). Absorption on the appliance of cast acquaintance that is accompanying to the backbone of the cast bulge or trace in memory, as reflected by consumers' adeptness to assay the cast beneath altered altitude (Rossiter and Percy 1987). In alternative words, how able-bodied does the cast identities serve their function. In particular, cast name acquaintance accompanying to the likelihood that a cast name will appear to apperception and the affluence with which it does so. Cast acquaintance consists of cast acceptance and anamnesis performance. Cast acceptance is accompanying to consumers' adeptness to affirm above-mentioned acknowledgment to the cast back accustomed the name as a cue. Cast anamnesis relates to consumers' adeptness to retrieve the cast back accustomed the artefact category, the needs accomplished by the category, or some alternative blazon of delving or a cue (Dolak, 2003). The acumen for belief cast acquaintance the important role it plays in chump accommodation making/perceived value/ chump adherence for three aloft reasons: Vol. 5, No. 1, (Spring 2011) 17 M. I. Subhani and Amber Osman First, it is important that consumers anticipate of the cast back they anticipate about the artefact category. Raising cast acquaintance increases the likelihood that the cast will be a affiliate of the application set (Baker,1986; Nedungadi, 1990), which are the scattering of brands that accept austere application for purchase. Second, cast acquaintance can affect perceived amount and decisions about brands in the application set, alike if there are about no alternative cast associations. For instance, consumers responsd acerb and adjudge to buy alone familiar, absolute brands (Jacoby, Syzabillo, & Schach, 1977; Roselius, 1971). In low captivation accommodation settings, a minimum akin of cast acquaintance may be acceptable for artefact choice, alike in the absence of a admirable attitude (Betteman & Park 1980; Hoyer & Brown 1990; Park & Lessig, 1981). Using addition likelihood archetypal (Petty & Cacioppo, 1986) advance that consumers may abject choices on cast acquaintance considerations back they accept low involvement, which could aftereffect from either a abridgement of chump action or abridgement of chump ability. A cast with aerial acquaintance and with absolutely appropriate associations will accept a aerial added amount for consumers (Riezebos, 2003). Assay Hypotheses After account the literature, it acutely seems that 'brand awareness' is the aloft agency in basic the acquirement decision/behavior and best of the brand. In the assay model, a alternative was fabricated from factors that according to the theories influencing the consumers for purchasing accustomed article i. e. for packaged milk brands the assay archetypal would be activated with the developed hypotheses. Angel (Association/ Perceptions) Consumer/ Cast Adherence Best of Cast (Purchase) Anamnesis Cast Acquaintance Acceptance Figure 4: The archetypal on ? Cast Awareness? can be developed as aloft This archetypal has a ambit of commonality of 'Brand Awareness', which shows a accord appulse on consumers' responses and benefiting both the consumers and the firm. The cold is to assay cast acquaintance and its accent adjoin the consumer/brand adherence agency begin in the literature. Aaker's archetypal (1991) is focalizing on cast disinterestedness bristles factors, which are Name Awareness, Perceived quality, Cast loyalty, Cast Angel and alternative cast assets. As the archetypal explains the affiliation of the awareness, which can be apparent by the alternative the consumers accomplish apropos a accepted and an alien brand, the acumen actuality is the believability and actuality adeptness to the accustomed brand. The business programs (forms of advertising) are fabricated befitting in point, the abstraction of cast acquaintance in the apperception of the consumers by 18 South Asian Journal of Administration Sciences A Abstraction on the Affiliation Amid Cast Acquaintance and Consumer/Brand Adherence for the Packaged Milk Industry in Pakistan cartoon perceptions. As mentioned in the abstract assay above, Cast acquaintance has the two amount variables, 'Recognition' and 'Recall' for academic purposes. As discussed in the abstract and primarily from Aaker's (2002) bright abstraction on Cast disinterestedness and cast acquaintance construct, the assay archetypal has been outlined. It acutely credibility out the aloft factors of cast acquaintance - Cast anamnesis and recognition, aftermost but not atomic they advice the consumers in allotment the cast amidst the antagonism through alternative variables Angel (associations/perceptions) and Consumer/Brand Loyalty. For this abstraction (image) perceptions was activated as the mediating variable/other agency to appulse cast acquaintance on consumer/brand loyalty. Hence, the prime purpose of the abstraction is to assay 'Brand Awareness' and 'Consumer/Brand Loyalty', according to Michael, Mothersbaugh & Beatty (2002) the constructs of consumer/brand adherence has four variables: 1- Ambition to apparently buy 2- Ambition to absolutely buy 3- Echo Acquirement of a approved milk cast & 4- Echo Acquirement of a admired milk brand, which are activated and resulted for the purpose. The variables accept two-way linkages to the acquirement of the brand, which can be apparent by the dotted arrow and apparent arrows. The plain-arrows allegorize the access of all these variables account the chump to acquirement the brand. The dotted-arrows shows that already the chump is acquainted of the brand, one wants to apperceive added about these factors for the cast to be purchased in approaching buyingdecision due to which prices vary, affection of the cast is monitored, promotional campaigns are brought in for consumers to bethink the cast in such a huge ataxia of the accurate product-category. One can characterize the declared arbitrary of hypotheses for testing purposes for the abstraction of cast awareness? accord with consumer/brand adherence & additionally the mediating role of acumen capricious amid cast acquaintance and consumer/brand loyalty. Accord amid Cast Acquaintance and Consumer/brand adherence Table 1: H1-A: H2-A: H3-A: H4-A: Cast acquaintance as authentic by cast recall, is decidedly accompanying to "Intention to buy" Cast acquaintance as authentic by cast recognition, is decidedly accompanying to "Intention to buy" Cast acquaintance as authentic by cast recall, is decidedly accompanying to "Repeat Purchase" Cast acquaintance as authentic by cast recognition, is decidedly accompanying to "Repeat Purchase" Methodology The attributes of assay is inferential. The aim is to actuate the accord and assay the associations amid capricious (brand awareness) on the alternative capricious (consumer/brand loyalty). To conduct this research, primary abstracts was calm in the anatomy of 'questionnairessurvey' as the assay apparatus from users alive and application packaged milk brands in Karachi. The absolute of 280 questionnaires with awning belletrist accepting accessible instructions absorbed was Vol. 5, No. 1, (Spring 2011) 19 M. I. Subhani and Amber Osman duke delivered to the respondents. Pearson Chi-square (test of independence) is acclimated to assay the accord amid cast acquaintance ambit & consumer/brand adherence dimension. RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS To acquisition the affiliation amid the two variables the Pearson chi-square assay were used. The blueprint of Pearson chi-square is: X2 = (N-1) SD2 2 Where, X2 = Chi-square amount N = Absolute no. of observations SD = Standard aberration = Variance As apparent in Table 2, the Pearson Chi-square tests (H1-A through H-4A) advance that there is no cogent accord at 5% acceptation akin amid cast acquaintance and its consumer/brand loyalty. Keeping the cold of this cardboard in apperception the aim was to assay absolute accord amid the two variables: cast acquaintance and loyalty. Aftereffect of all four hypotheses mentioned aloft advance that the accord amid these variables (brand anamnesis with Ambition to buy/repeat purchase) and (brand acceptance with ambition to buy/Repeat purchase) are statistically not cogent except in the case H1A in affiliation to one milk cast (Haleeb). For this one packaged milk cast the antecedent seems to authority and shows that a cogent accord does abide amid variables (recall) and (intention to buy). As the majority of the brands did not authenticate any accord amid the variables (brand anamnesis with Ambition to buy/repeat purchase) and (brand acceptance with ambition to buy/Repeat purchase), the aftereffect is not in band with the hypothesis put advanced by Aaker (2002), area cast acquaintance is anon affiliated to chump behavior as authentic by ambition to buy and echo purchase. Having said this, the present aftereffect indicates that at atomic in the case of packaged milk in the ambience of Pakistani consumers there is no cogent affiliation except in case of cast 1 (Haleeb). However, the present abstraction does advance that there is a minimum anamnesis adeptness claim of the consumers viz a viz the burning of the packaged milk brands. In the assessment of this paper, this could aftereffect from the account that those consumers who buy packaged milk brands accomplish their best about area acknowledgment and giving a cue (recognition & anamnesis respectively) in a affairs situation, may not be ecessary. The alternative way of answer this aftereffect is that consumers while authoritative acquirement ambition are not awful complex in the cast itself and are added anxious with the articles usage, while alone cast Haleeb in this case, which proves an barring to this aphorism may aftereffect from constancy of its advertising. Therefore, the cardboard cannot draw a generalizable cessation from this apperception and can alone advance that in brands area the artefact is low captivation 20 South Asian Journal of Administration Sciences A Abstraction on the Affiliation Amid Cast Acquaintance and Consumer/Brand Adherence for the Packaged Milk Industry in Pakistan and advised a commodity; acquaintance of a cast may not aggregate a cogent agency for acquirement behavior. Further, such purchases are commonly fabricated by agents and as such milk is brought and not a brand. This is agnate to the assembly abstraction in the business abstract area consumers are added absorbed in the artefact than its features. TABLE 2: Chi-square analyses Arbitrary Assessment of Assay Hypotheses Pearson Chi-square Pearson Chi-square Pearson R Amount Empirical Pearson amount Acceptation R Amount Acceptation Cessation p 0. 05 p 0. 05 10. 60 3. 807 7. 304 3. 893 4. 679 3. 909 6. 291 1. 981 4. 712 4. 656 7. 322 2. 028 4. 762 3. 794 6. 285 4. 526 3. 606 2. 641 1. 792 7. 149 1. 549 6. 662 2. 433 5. 810 0. 03 0. 43 0. 12 0. 42 0. 32 0. 42 0. 18 0. 74 0. 32 0. 32 0. 12 0. 98 0. 35 0. 57 0. 26 0. 68 0. 48 0. 61 0. 79 0. 24 0. 85 0. 19 0. 64 0. 72 -0. 197 -0. 34 -0. 075 4. -0. 09 -0. 032 -0. 095 0. 108 0. 033 -0. 086 -0. 163 -0. 065 0. 11875 0. 1575 0. 11275 0. 06425 0. 151 -0. 017 0. 0285 -0. 0088 -0. 0275 -0. 0625 0. 06375 0. 07725 0. 08 0. 77 0. 51 0. 70 0. 43 0. 78 0. 40 0. 34 0. 77 0. 45 0. 15 0. 57 0. 31 0. 27 0. 41 0. 57 0. 23 0. 56 0. 56 0. 57 0. 59 0. 27 0. 57 0. 52 Accustomed Alone Rejected Alone Rejected Alone Rejected Alone Rejected Alone Rejected Alone Rejected Alone Rejected Alone Rejected Alone Rejected Alone Rejected Alone Rejected Alone Hypotheses Milk Brands Relationship amid Cast Acquaintance & Chump Adherence H1-A: Cast acquaintance as authentic by cast recall, is decidedly accompanying to "Intention to buy" H2-A: Cast acquaintance as authentic by cast recognition, is decidedly accompanying to "Intention to buy" H3-A: Cast acquaintance as authentic by cast recall, is decidedly accompanying to "Repeat Purchase" H4-A: Cast acquaintance as authentic by cast recognition, is decidedly accompanying to "Repeat Purchase" B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 Definitions of Variables B1: Haleeb B2: Nestle MilkPak B3: Nurpur B4: Olpers B5: Goodmilk B6: Pakola milk Aaker & Blanco (1999) accept additionally adumbrated that cast acquaintance alongside affects acquirement behavior, as it has a absolute access on perceptions and attitudes appear the cast anamnesis and retrievability to appulse to the acquirement of the cast i. e. again acquirement behavior which creates consumer/brand loyalty. Vol. 5, No. 1, (Spring 2011) 21 M. I. Subhani and Amber Osman Affiliation for managers is that they charge to strengthen the administration arrangement rather than try and body cast loyalty. On the alternative duke announcement should be focused at creating able cast acquaintance through favorable, altered associations (perceptions) in the apperception of consumers so that they can bethink and differentiate the milk brands as mentioned by Aaker (1991), appropriately giving the cast a altered character by authoritative it i) memorable ii) allegorical acknowledgment iii) promotional accoutrement such as use of jingles, sponsorship, publicity iv) alliteration can be addition affiliation for managers and marketers to adopt. On the contrary, the alone hypotheses in agreement of accepting no accord amid the two capital constructs that are cast acquaintance and consumer/brand adherence shows that in the milk packaged industry cast acquaintance is not arena a cogent role to appulse a article artefact such as milk to accomplish a again purchase, due to accidental switching acquirement behavior and low captivation in affairs a accessibility artefact which offers no adverse amidst the brand. REFERENCES Aaker, D. (2002). Building able brand. UK: Free columnist business. Aaker & Joachimsthaler. (2000). Cast Leadership. London: Free Press. Aaker, D. A. (1996). Barometer Cast Disinterestedness beyond articles and markets. California Administration Review, 38(3), 102-20 Aaker, David (1991). Managing Cast Equity: Capitalizing on the Amount of a Cast Name Ailawadi, Lehmann & Neslin. (2003). Acquirement Premium as an Outcome Admeasurement of Cast Equity. Journal of Marketing, 67, 1-17. Baker. (1986). 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