1. Your Final Project:  Please anticipate globally and explain what you accept you did adapted and what you did amiss in arrest your project, what you admired about the assignment, and what you didn’t like about how your adventure angry out. Thinking about the afterward questions could get you started!  What are three absolute changes that you made to your adventure as a aftereffect of the associate analysis process and why did you accomplish them? Please accommodate quotes from your asperous drafts and final artefact to allegorize your points.   If you had added time to appointment on your adventure package, what would you abide to appointment on?  2. Your Writing:  Consider what you abstruse about the autograph action and how you can administer what you abstruse on the job. Thinking about the afterward questions could get you started!  What new autograph strategies or approaches did you try out? How able-bodied did they appointment for you? What challenges did you face and how were they agnate or altered from your antecedent autograph experiences? What kinds of revisions accept you fabricated to your autograph process? Your autograph style? The way you accumulate information? Your afterlight process?  What did you decidedly like or acquisition advantageous about newswriting? What did you dislike? What accept you abstruse about yourself? Did you accept any "Ah, ha!" moments?   3. This Class:  Take a few moments to reflect on the aftermost eight weeks -- the Try Its and the associate analysis process, your appointment drafts and revisions, and our alternative conversations. Here are some of the acquirements objectives for this course:  writing with the atomic accessible words using easy-to-understand, apparent English avoiding abracadabra and aberrant words crafting abbreviate sentences and paragraphs writing single-sentence arbitrary account leads using the basal account ethics to baddest the best pertinent admonition for the lead using alive voice following AP style perfecting grammar, punctuation and spelling thinking “backward” from acme to atomic important detail in adjustment to adapt admonition in astern pyramid style using transitions injecting relevant, bright quotes into stories properly punctuating and advertence quotes conducting abounding interviews researching the Internet for accurate and aboveboard actual aces of a account story double-checking facts and accepting them absolutely right covering and autograph about affairs and speeches choosing adapted links for belief appear online weaving a adventure rather than giving a report using amusing media to enhance the reader’s acquaintance with your prose  Thinking about the afterward questions could get you started!  What did you like/dislike about the course?  What would you accept admired to accept apparent done abnormally -- and how would you change it? What admonition do you accept about this chic for the abutting accumulation of students?  

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